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  1. Ray the guy I got them from said one woofer crapped out . The replacements came directly from Human speakers.
  2. Different model Wayne .Genesis just the same the pair I had at the fest were well thought of so why not try again
  3. Picked these up yesterday. Curious to hear your opinions before I give mine. Same guy has a pair of flagship Polks I dont need 2 pair of bad ass polks so my future son in law is buyi ng them upgraded tweeters 1400
  4. I know a lady born in March who feels the same way . What kind of crap is that Greg! Oh yeah Happy Birthday Raven
  5. Thanks everyone I plan to pair this up with my 275. Looking forward to hearing them together
  6. Wow! What a great Karma. I would like to be in with 51 . Thanks
  7. Amp is mine. Iron courtesy Watershed 10
  8. Anatech/ Chris Bridges Was authorized Carver Service in Canada for many years.
  9. My dog was heartwormed but dont ban him I did it.
  10. Happy New Year everyone
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