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Gene C

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A treat for Sonic Holography fans.  If you have your room and speakers set up as probably very few have (egg-crate foam, covered entryways, etc), the part after the bridge (it starts off with a disembodied voice asking  'can you feel the power?' is very satisfying.  During the soliloquy,  his voice will whisper in one ear, run around the room and whisper in your other ear.  Other neat effects as well.



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29 minutes ago, RichP714 said:

continuum pt 3





I think of this every time I hear Rush, from the movie Fanboys:



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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, Dav-Em said:

I don't seem to have an icon button to insert a video.




Usually, you just paste the link in, wait a few seconds, and it auto-embeds.


That didn't work with your link. Occasionally, I get a message that youtube.be doesn't allow embedding of the video. I didn't get that message when I pasted your link in, so I've no idea why it didn't work.



It worked that time. I pasted as plain text.


Great tune, btw.

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