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We saw that Jef Beck tour in D.C.@ the 9:30 Club, it was superb–great to see Monsieur Beck with a dueling guitar partner, Jennifer Batten, on-stage. Live in Japan is not available other than vinyl so good for you. Meanwhile...

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Deb spied this when we were in The Exclusive Company last weekend:
180g vinyl. 
Just got the TT setup last night for the first time in a while.
Nice way to break in the new setup14.gif 

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That was great BluesMan57!


Reminds me of early Magnum.

I say early because the song and the album below here was recorded in 1980 but released1982.

The album Chase the dragon is the 3rd studio album of Magnum


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Arrived today.  I saw Grant Dermody with Eric Bibb at the 2011 North Atlantic Blues Festival.  This CD has been on my wish list since.  
Crossing That River

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