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Gene C

(Former Carver employe) Been to an Employee Reunion lately?

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This was a very interesting weekend for those curious about Audio Industry History in the NW. On one coast, folks in North Carolina celebrated CarverFest . This is an annual celebration (since 2007) of all things Bob Carver: his patents, his products, his companies, and his willingness to mix and answer questions from his fans.  You can check it out yourself the Carver fan site  www.theCarversite.com or maybe Bob’s Facebook page.


At the same time, back on our coast, forty people came together to celebrate working at Carver Corporation during its twenty-year run.  It was a Carver Corporation Employees Reunion Picnic. I had never heard of such a thing. Have you been to a reunion of a company that is no longer viable?  It showed a lot of people loved working at Carver, were passionate about their jobs, and enjoyed their co-workers. I think this level of care by all employees helped make the products the long-lived things they were.


The picnic  was quite fun (although I got there late and missed lots of people that I hope to see next time) – Carver alums should check out the Carver Employee Group on Facebook for word of future events!


The Employees didn’t seem to know about CarverFest, and certainly CarverFest doesn’t know much about the Employees.  There are a lot of clever and triumphant stories hidden to history of techs, engineers, designers,  assemblers, QC, purchasing, and products, and I believe some of these stories should be out there!


I love that we were building things, fixing things, making things happen. A small factory is a wonderful place to work; every department is important and predictable rivalries make the plant go round ( Engineers vs Sales – anyone?)


The fact that people worldwide still buy, sell, trade, and celebrate audio equipment from 1975-1995 is partly a reflection of how much went in to those products in the first place. And as this week of celebration has shown us, the pride of the internal teams live on, just like the consumers love of the gear.


In about 1986 Bob Carver wanted to go on vacation, but he was worried about decisions made in his absence. In our last management meeting before his departure we tried to calm his mind.  Or blow it.


Top row from left: Heather Hawley, Cory Rivers, Hugh Goring, Clyde, Ron Havercamp
Bottom row from left:  Colleen McNaur, Sue McCauley, Eileen Rutledge, Bob Carver, Marian Lundberg

***Just emailed Colleen to let her know we would love to hear from her and the other former employees/techs of Carver corp, and to swing by and drop some history on us. We'll see what happens.***
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Colleen wrote back and said she would let the guys that worked for Bob know we are here. I'm sure the techs here would be interested on some inside stories. Anyways here's what she sent...
Hi Gene, thanks for writing.
I was the Engineering Manager at Carver 1985-1989. I will be happy to tell the guys about your site. Several of them are on patents with Bob. I know I originally had a link to your site but I will make sure it is still there. Turns out that Phase and Sunfire also have employee reunions, so it is pretty easy to find people. 
You can share with your members some raw photos of Phase Linear days I am showing at  http://www.taihs.org/join-aihs/phase-linear (The version with all the details is being posted to the Member pages soon.) 
The slideshow is kinda bulky in this form, so it might load a little slowly, but there's a lot there. If you look closely you will see a MacIntosh Clinic certificate for the Phase 700 350/W channel at our local audio shop when Bob took it in in the early 1970's. 
The building shown is the building occupied by both Phase Linear and Carver Corp. You can see the original building on the right and the expansion with the different color roof. Steve Johnston's house was at the far left of the property until they relocated the house. He was Bob's partner.
Thanks for visiting my site, come back anytime! And I'll see you on the forums!
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from[ fruhm, from; unstressed fruhm] 
(used to specify a starting point in spatial movement): a train running west from Chicago.
PhaseLinear1973-web1.jpgFollow-up Audio Industry Historical Society online article by Colleen McNair, January 27, 2015, "Just A Phase."
The article articulates how talented, and dedicated people in diverse roles from design and engineering to production, marketing and sales took Bob Carver's vision to market at Phase Linear, Carver Corp. and Sunfire.  And, eludes to groups like TheCarverSite are part of that community.  The article concludes with a thought about how those 'magical" people have stuck together over the years, still meeting today for employee events to keep the "magical" times alive well after the companies have disappeared.
Link to the AIHS article "Just a Phase."  HERE
The article starts out: 
"I received a charming letter from Gene, admin for theCarversite.com. This site is basically an equipment resource for all things Phase Linear/ Carver Corp/ Sunfire.  They also do the Carverfest. They truly celebrate Bob Carver and the equipment produced by companies he started.
Nice PR work, Gene.  
[Linked Photo from AIHS.org.  Original caption and credit from that site: "Phase Linear Employees 1973. Courtesy Nissen Collection"] 
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Nice! Good to know. From the link: "If a lot of old equipment seems magical, I don’t doubt it. There are enormous amounts of talent, care, dedication, friendship, and rockin’ good times in there." This camaraderie thrives at CarverSite as well.

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