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Review of Supertramp Blue Ray Pure Audio

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I received the Supertramp - Crime of the Century - Pure Audio Blu Ray disc that I won from Daddyjt's Karma. Thanks Mark!
After loading in to my Oppo BDP-103, the first thing I found is that this is a stereo disc. I thought it would be surround sound.Think
That's the only dissapointment I had though. The sound quality was great. Since it is stereo, I played it directly from the Oppo to the C-1 preamp(which has a new BillD mod), bypassing the Marantz receiver I use for SACD, DVD-Audio, and movies. The sound is clean, with a wide dynamic range. This will be one of my favorite CD's.
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Here is a picture of the menu screen. Similar to some DVD-audio discs.
There are 3 audio set up options. I couldn't tell any difference between them.

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