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To all members, Looking for a work CT17 with remote

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I have a CT17 not working now.

Need another working unit till I can get it fixed.

Any help will be welcome.

Just got a TFM 25 and a m200T but no way to give them a try.

Thought I would check the members first .

thanks:-k SOS

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SOS - Must assume you are running HT,
else why mess with a CT-17?


Help de-confuse me. Your CT-17 is
dead. Are you looking to borrow/rent one temporarily? That's how
your post seems to read.


All the CT-17 remotes are the same. If
you have no remote now, what will you use with your 17 after it is
fixed? Or are you really looking to buy another CT-17, with remote,
so that you will eventually have two?


You can test any two-channel power amp
without a preamp. Hook some speakers up to the amp. For a music
source, use a laptop or a phone - smart, pad, pod, etc. - anything
with left and right RCA outputs, and hook it directly to the amp.
Set the volume low to start with, and then (and only then) plug in
and turn on the amp. Play something – you should have good
two-channel sound, though might not be able to drive the amps to
ear-splitting levels.



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Let me say it right this time .LOL

I have a CT17 and a lost remote.

Don't know where to get it worked on yet.

But I would buy another one in a flash.

I would keep the one I have till I can find someone to repair it.

Then sell it and try a C1 and tuner. Just need something good to hook it up.

Moving to a new place and going to make a Man cave room treatments and all.

Hope to find one soon. Help MUSIC disabled.

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If I remember correctly there are a few things on the CT17 you cannot do without the remote so you are short changing yourself if you can't find a remote even after getting it repaired.

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