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it is very important to keep technical topics...on topic. We are lenient on Way Offscale topics, and other various threads which are more like conversations than discussions. Technical threads are NOT like other topics. They have a specific purpose and should be treated as such.
A technical topic must remain as free from chatter as possible because they are used as references. It is also important to post accurate information if not cold hard facts, research stats or statistics. It is tempting to put your own 2 cents in, but if you really don't know, please refrain from posting. If you can't help yourself, then please use deferring language such as 'I believe' or 'it's been said' or 'the way I understand it...'.
None of us are perfect. We get things wrong. That is okay. But if errors are exposed, please have the testicular fortitude to acknowledge it.
It hurts to do this - I know. But do it you must, or you will wake up tomorrow as an earth worm.
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All members must 'thank' the first post to confirm they have read it.
It appears we are lacking a lot of discipline when it comes to keeping technical topics on topic. For now the mods, and myself, will be issues warnings. In a short while, violating posts will be deleted and its content PM'ed to you.
Please respect the topic OP and those whole later search for answers - stay on topic.
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