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Densen De Magic CD - opinions

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  I dunno. As others have been lured in, so have I when it comes to, let's say experimentation. Some ideas have my attention, while others simply are a ploy to the ignorant. In cases like this one, there seems to be a possibility of some truth. I remember PS Audio had a 'cleaning cycle' incorporated in one or more of it's power conditioners that I owned. The result was practically nill to my ears. I have even once heard that if you pause a CD during play, the sound is improved. No reason given.
 Maybe if this disc also had a lens cleaner included with it, there would be the likelihood of improvement.

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I must confess that i use it.
And the incredible is that to my ears seem to work (a little but to work).
I never understand if it's a psyco-effect or not... but anyway i still continue to use it.
My curiosity is about the opinions of who in this forum has tested this disc.

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I have heard a lot of people that use the Demagic and most of them is positive, but the only complaint is that the effect doesn't last that long, so you have to do it regularly.
Densen has a pragmatic approach to making audio equipment and the Demagic is made because they believe that it can improve the sound.
I have had several amps and cd players from Densen, and they make some really nice equipment, with a great sound.
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