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Rod H

What do you do for a living?

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Went from 1hour Photo to Working with the Puerto Rican government to collecting debts to doing (Top Secret Clearance) in the Military to selling vacuums door to door to now finally delivering Mail door to door.




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Age 14 Part Time Jobs at Service Stations through H. S. 

After Finishing H. S. Got a Job at a Fountains and Lighting Company in a Machine Shop building Telescopic Pool Fountains start to finish,  at 18 in 1974 hired on at a Mazda Dealer  rebuilding Rotary Engines thus beginning  my Professional Career as an Automotive Wrench at Dealerships including British Leyland,  Porsche + Audi including Shop Foreman Positions, Toyota, Lexus and a few scattered Independent Shops throughout the years. 

Retired in June 2018 at least for now,  things may change in the future requiring me to rejoin the workforce. 

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