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It's a giant map of virtually every musical genre imaginable. 

"The point of the map ... is an attempt – however uneven, idiosyncratic, and incomplete – to embrace this new state of the world, in which nearly all of humanityʼs recorded music is streamable or downloadable, and give you a way to find out what you donʼt know you donʼt know.

Click any genre in the map and youʼll hear what we think is a representative song. These arenʼt always ideal, but theyʼre close. Click the » next to a genre for a similarly-clickable audio-map of the artists weʼve extrapolated for it. Hit “scan” at the top of any genre page, and youʼll take a randomized car radiostyle journey through that genre. Hit “scan” at the top of the main map and your car will careen wildly around the entire planet."


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OMG Genre overload! I was expecting about 10 or 12 not hundreds
Who knew there were so many?
You can always ctrl-f and type in rock or prog or pop or whatever. 
Wondering how the locations of things relate.
Who knew there were bands closer to Floyd than Waters and Gilmour?

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