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RIP Malcolm Young.

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Huge bummer, and loss. Dementia is a crummy way to go.  RIP
Yes, yes, and yes.
The company I work for just built a system for Biogen to brew a drug to remove the brain plaque from Alzheimer's patients. The drug has been approved in Europe, and is currently in the late stages of testing here in the US. Hopefully, this will be a game changer for the patients and their families. 
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Seems like he was a kid not long ago. Guess we all were.
With the recent study of brain injury in football, wonder if shaking your head hard, like Malcolm did for years on stage, could contribute to his dementia?
You never want to shake a baby. May not do an adult any good either?
Watched a live video and had to wonder. Malcolm was the definition of a "head banger". Wouldn't be surprised if his brain looks like he played in the NFL..

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wow both brothers so close together bummer
What gave you that idea? Angus is still alive and duck-walking!

I believe he's referring to George Young who just died in October.

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