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SOLD: Carver M1.0t MkII Opt.2

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Sadly I am selling my wonderful M1.0t MkII, Opt.2 amplifier.  It is one of the finest amplifiers I have ever owned and I'm sad to see it go.  I believe this has every option installed on it (including the removable power cord).  I purchased this amp from a Carver Site member and replaced the scratched up faceplate with a new one, resulting in an amp that looks as amazing as it sounds.  The upgrade work was completed by the talented, and friendly, Dennis Miller as seen on the sticker on the back of the amp.
Please take a look at the pictures and you will see the quality of the work that Dennis completed, and how clean the amp is.  Note that there are some minor scratches on the black top of the amplifier.
I am looking for $650 plus actual shipping cost.  I was hoping to sell it here at this reduced rate instead of a higher price on eBay.  Currently there is on on eBay for $739 plus shipping, so I feel that this is a great deal.  Message me and I will get you a total with shipping right away to your address.  I can also send additional pictures if needed, but I feel these tell the story.  Thanks, Jeff

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I am sorry you need to sell you amp.  This was one of my first.  Another labor of love.   
Whoever buys this should know I will repair it should the need arise.  


The way that you stand behind your work is amazing.  Thank you! 

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