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Very happy with small system

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just commenting to myself how much i like my den/office system, 

billd c1  m1 mkii opt 02 both by wrf (thanks)  and kef 1q3  with an older paradyme sub (fine tuning the sub makes it all work) 

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That would be a nice system for ANY room @4RUNNER d:b, but I would be remiss if I didn't bug you for photos. :D


4 hours ago, dennismiller55 said:

There is a lot to like about small efficient 2 channel systems.


Yep, and you need a system in every room....


I put this together for my home office out of "spares" - M-200t/TX-2/C-2/DTL-50. (Speakers are vintage Design Acoustics DA-30 sub/sat.)



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The size of the room is important.  Also where you live I have 4 bookcases on one wall so their wall doesn't shake much. I can't do much for my upstairs neighbor. The other wall is a firewall. Hard tile and concrete floor.


My gear is similar and about maximum room size for the size for the gear. Carver's room set up falls in place.


Thinking about it this might be the first time when a wall behind the listening seating won't be an issue.




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