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Interest in M 1.0t + C-1??

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Hello:  Haven't been on The Carver Site in quite some time.  Currently running an  M 1.0t MK 2  with no issues into modified Magneplanar MG 12-QR's.  Arcam gear ahead of it.  Long story, but just received a pair of 1968 AR 3A's that I've rebuilt and fallen in love with all over again.  Considering replacing the Maggies and certainly don't need the M 1.0t power or the spare C-1 downstairs  - and the wife would get a big piece of the living room back.  I can list the M 1.0t and C-1 on C'list or Ebay but would rather see if there's interest within this group.  No intention of violating site protocol, so forgive me and take this down if I needed...This is a general inquiry from me and I'm happy to answer any questions.  Cheers,

M 1.0t compressed.jpg

C-1 compressed.jpg

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added pictures per suggestions...
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21 hours ago, dennismiller55 said:

We encourage you to offer your Carver gear for sale here.  I recommend posting price of the amp and shipping cost.  What is also important is who did the mkII mods to your amp.  Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Looks like the amp was done by RichP

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Is this still available?  Pricing?  Would you sell them separate?

New to this forum & just found the classified.  I'm in need of a C1 to go with my M1.01t.



P.S.  Moderators, I hope that it's ok to post on the classified as a new member.  I know some sites require a minimum # of posts before qualifying for the privilege.

My apologies if I've overstepped my boundaries. 

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