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RIP Art Bell

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Art supplied some of the most entertaining, thought provoking, and even (sometimes) insightful guests and ideas. When listening to the program, you had make yourself just let go of most reason and give the other side a chance. Being narrow will eventually be boring. A. Graham Bell once said that we should wander off into the forest of thought, away from the trail to discover new ides, and then return to the path. Art had a part in that process.

20 hours ago, Daddyjt said:


Sad news indeed. Always a fun, if somewhat kooky at times, late-night listen.




The first place I ever heard of the mysterious Chuppacabra...:P

  I have to add that on the border of Mexico one day, my old friend and I drove by an abandoned ranch house out in the middle of nowhere. As we approached the house in my truck, there ran what looked to be a very large monkey/cat? Hard to describe something that you have never seen that is like nothing you have ever seen. It ran first on two legs, but quickly chose all 4. Maybe for a whole 2-3 seconds, I got to see something that I will never forget. My friend called it 'the Chuppacabra' alright, but who am I to disagree?

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