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      The website will be receiving a security and feature patch. But I didn't get to it yesterday, so stay tuned for reschedule.  

SOLD: M1.0t MKII (Rich Pecoraro modified)

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Making a speaker change and am selling my M1.0t MKII.  Currently in service in non-smoking home and no issues with it - sounded great last night...am moving to a bi-amp set up.

$695 plus UPS double box shipping and PayPal fees.  

Please get in touch with questions and thanks for looking.

M 1 Side compressed.jpg

M1 Front compressed.jpg

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I'm the one that pulled the trigger. In something totally unrelated I got a good deal and was in a position to splurge for something I was thinking about eay back when.


With some health issues I was thinking to get back and enjoy spend some time enjoying music. More time and all


When I read his posts here and thought about and finally just say yes.


Yes ebay it's like 1 button push to pay and send. I didn't want to waste time going back forth.


You think that Portageguy will give me a positive feedback?

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Hi Eric!


Welcome to the forum and congrats on acquiring a great amp.


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