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long time lurker ....

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Long time lurker from on and out of the hospital. Now this is sort of a bucket lolist item but the bucket is not to have regret with things I that I can do now.


I don't know about others but when you are with most women you have a living room.


When not one has a man-cave.


Which right now I am trying to settle in one which involves a whole face lift and trying to put items in places that work for me so no pix yet as it is a work in progress.


I started getting back to listening a couple of years ago. At the time I had m200t's for me.


Then I felt some electricity on one of them and moved to the bedroom Both need refurb any of course I needed something quickly.


So a pair of TCM-15CB's. As I have walked away from 3 times already I figured that would be as far as I would go.


Speakers were Definitive 10 a's. I would double check but too tired to go look.


As my interest was rekindled I picked up a pair of Martin Logan esl's. Some might noticed that I went for a m1.0 MkII's.


This was one piece of gear I really wanted to listen to since Stereophile threw the flag in after accepting the Carver Challenge.


Now paired with Martin Logan the thrill has been so enjoyable.


This is a semi quick intro as some gear not mentioned but will fill in some blanks next time.


One last side note. If a woman has trouble with 5 feet of speaker shes not for me.


I don't need a "Living Room" anymore and decided to always have a man-cave.


I've wasted too much and want to enjoy the rest of this ride.


I did notice others living in Florida. I'm in the West Palm Beach area maybe some sort of meeting/gathering if others are interested.

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Hey Eric,


The M1.0t is a very good match with the Martin Logans. I have the same ESL's that you mention, and I've driven them with a stock M1.0t, a stock M400t, a stock M500t, and a MKII modded M500t. For my ears, the modded M500t is the best choice. Over the next month or so, an M1.0t is getting shipped off for MKII opt 2 mods. When it gets back, the M500t MKII will get a rest, and I'll have a decision to make. 


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Welcome Eric, 

You picked a good amp to drive those stats... many amps can't survive the load.  There are a few of us ESL enthusiast here -- always good to welcome another.  

Looking forward to some pics! 



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As I gotten rid of some "living room" furniture for a practical man-cave and an area to do some computer work with a far better space. It is safe to say my project slowly coming about.


With hours spent on my recent m1.0 Mk II listening I don't mind my project a few extra days delayed.


I have like the Martin Logan sound. One humorous bit that I will share. I was listening to some Martin Logan's at one store and the Carver Amazing's at a different. Something like 40 minutes away.


I had done this a few times and my purchase was some Mark Levinson electronics.


While bouncing back and forth the store with the Carver's just got in the Mark Levinson as a trade in and the sales guy said for a super low price with cash before his boss got back.


His boss came in as we finished the deal and was somewhat dismayed and was a bit harsh for a few minutes as he wanted to mark some extra profit.


While we were talking as settled a bit things became quite friendly. The salesman was the one I knew from the store. I found out that I really came to listen to the Carver's.


As he just came back from an audio show the owner offered me an excellent deal for Monster's M-1.


So instead of buying speakers I bought unexpected items. My ex had gone with me and had no problems with the "monolith" sized Carver's. They were black for those keeping scorecards.


My busy season was coming up and other life issues intervened . I had Vandersteen 2C's and stayed with them. It wasn't cost or size it was life relationship issues. It took a few years when I had a real desire to listen to music again Carver was no longer around.


This is why in the "What are you lusting for" thread I knew what my first choice would be the one item that I would love to install and compare the two and their sonic qualities.


It looks like next week when I could provide correct pictures.


I won't give a sound off of the amp's as one is of course the m1.0t Mk II ( wanting the opt II mod still) versus a unmodded different amp. That would be unfair to judge against.


I will say the since retired RP who modded the m1.0 Mk II is very clean, quiet and really shines with detail. The sweetspot is truly great and the speakers have not been fine tuned yet


While the ML's are known to require an ample amp to drive them the m1 had no problem and delivered sound without any notice of of strain.



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Welcome you have found the happy place. I know we have talked over PM's the past couple of days but I am glad you are here. Chalk one up to the pack of whackoes and cookoo heads here (I myself included)

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So instead of Carver Amazings or Martin Logan (?) you bought Mark Levinson (Amp?).  I'm confused.


How did the Amazings compare to the Marin Logans when you were auditioning them?  I'm assuming this was back in the early 80's?  When I auditioned Carver AL-III's back in ~'91 I was astonished at the clarity of the cymbals.  I now own Amazings wih 60" ribbons.

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