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WTB: Carver Tuner

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I am looking for a Carver tuner to round out my living room system which will be my new M-1.0t, My old C-1, and my Sony Jukebox.  Need a tuner in the living room for sure. 


Visually I think the TX-2 and a TX-8 could both work.  Kinda partial to the TX-2...


Anyone looking to unload a tuner?





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2 hours ago, zumbini said:

The TX-2 has a 17 5/16" wide faceplate while the rest of your gear is 19". An anthracite 19" tuner like the TX-11a would be a better cosmetic match.


Thanks for that!  I tried the new (for me) amp last night.  OMG does it sound fantastic.  Even my wife noticed the difference in sound, and both my wife and sonncommented how the matching amp and pre look awesome and that therefore a matching tuner is required. 


I knew about the TX2 being shorter but did not know the TX11a being available in anthracite.   Now I am looking for one of those LOL. 



11 hours ago, Dadvw said:

I have one I can let go of. In great shape cosmetically. PM me.



PM sent.  



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