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I have to apologize for the mess.  We recently had to install an elevator for my wife, and it resulted in emptying 2 rooms that were filled to the ceiling with stuff, and it still hasn't all found new homes.


As I mentioned in my intro, my system i a bit more pedestrian than most of you, but the piece have been chosen carefully within my budget.







The Chain:


Digital Source
  NAD C 660 CD recorder
  Allo BOSS DAC (still in tranit)


Analog Source?    
  NAD 5020 turntable with AT311EP and Grado GT carts
  Sony TC-FX6 cassette deck


Signal Processors
  Carver C-9 Sonic Hologram generator


  Yamaha RX-596 receiver


  Mission M74 main speakers


  Quest subwoofer


Speaker Cables
  Generic 12 AWG Speaker wire


  Sennheiser HD 364 headphones


System Rack
  Old Ikea glass front (cat resistant) rack modified to have a removable back 
  (for cabling access) and added cooling fans, run at reduced power to keep quiet.


Power Conditioning

  Yee Ole tandard wall ocket

And 1 happy music lover...

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