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Carver C-11 with all updated/upgrades

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Well, it's been 6 months and time for another preamp build for my personal system. I just spent crazy money on a perfect 4000T (just needs my internal touches) and I'm putting my BEAUTIFUL C-11 up on the auction block. It has had a gazillion hours put into it with pretty much all the BillD mods and I rebuilt/reworked the power supply and a few other touches. It is in VERY nice condition (I only buy my personal equipment in as close to perfect condition as I can find). If interested in a "Dead Quiet" Preamp, in the classic Carver style, PM me. It aint cheap but you will be pleased when you hear it in your system. I didn't think I'd part with it but a some of you know, I have a soft spot for the 4000t (and the soft spot on the top of my head). There is not another better looking piece of gear than that. I just wish the 4000t was black like the C-11.





IMG_4926 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4928 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4929 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4931 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4932 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4933 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

IMG_4927 (2208 x 1656)rs.jpg

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Thank you sir..  

I am listing this on "That Auction Site" we all love to hate, so if you are interested, don't dilly dally too long. 

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