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"...online image hosting service these days ?"

As with LT,  no change from IMGUR. From a previous post in Dec, 2017:

Sometime ago loner_t posted using IMGUR; recalling that, I moved over there. I also have a Flickr account but use IMGUR these days. Follow THIS LINK for a show & tell. An earlier Post A Reply with images & text bombed due to site error & dodgy internetBrick wall; hence a shared link instead of a guide to IMGUR with images inserted in this post. Text is below each image.
What works: easy image uploading, organize images by albums, rearrange images in albums, option to make images & albums PRIVATE, hidden to the IMGUR community & anyone coming to your profile; but images can still be accessed via the direct URL you share. I make all new uploads & albums PRIVATE, share the link with discretion only to specific persons or forums (thecarversite).  


Hope this helps.



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I have my own domain(s) hosted with A2 hosting.  Virtually unlimited bandwidth and online storage and I can also host unlimited websites for about $10 a month. I also have my email running there and it is much more secure than using gmail or any other cloud services. Uploading files is as easy as drag and drop with the free program Filezilla. (If you only want to do a single domain its even cheaper.) You can even put password access on your images so they are less likely to be spread to people you don't know.

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