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Sunfire, Carver, Adcom, Emerald Physics...lots to sell!

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I have got to get all of the excess stuff cleared out of my house so that I can actually sit and listen to music instead of looking at piles of boxes.


I'm not going to take the time to upload a bunch of pictures at this point, but if there is any serious interest in any of the items, I will gladly upload photos at that point.


Sunfire 200 Five Cinema Amp. This has been serviced by Flannery audio, as his usual refresh service replacement of any out of spec caps, as well as the replacement of other parts which were not out of spec, but are prone to failure. The unit has a scratch down the front faceplate. $750 plus shipping.


Carver C-1, not BillD, but it has been recapped. It is in FANTASTIC shape. (The recap did use the BillD capacitors) $300 plus shipping. 


Adcom 5002 amplifier, great condition, $100 plus shipping.


Emerald Physics CS2.7 Speakers with EP DSP, $1500. I'm not a huge fan of shipping speakers, but these do have the original boxes and packaging, so shipping is possible, but most likely quite expensive.



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The C-1 has been sold. Someone PLEASE buy this Sunfire so I don't have to eBay it!!! lol


I'll even eat the shipping, $750 shipped CONUS

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I thought I had listed it, but apparently not...


I also have a Klipsch SW311 Subwoofer. Retail is over $1500. This one has about 50 hours on it and comes with original packing materials and the microphone. 


$350 plus shipping

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