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I received a few days ago a brand-new Apple iPad as part of a gift package from the company I work for as a token for the 35 years of service I have given them so far.  However, after playing with it, I decided I really don't need it as I already have an industrial workstation on my desk plus 2 fully functional laptops and a smartphone.  I do not need another toy to play with so I am offering it up as a Karma to someone who can use it.

It is the WiFi only model not the WiFi+Cellular model.  I have wiped the unit clean so none of my personal settings will be there (Don't ask  :---)


Some basic specs:


iOS 12

9.7 inches

Apple Pencil-ready

Silver & White

No nicks or scratches and never been dropped  :D


Complete specs can be found here: https://www.apple.com/ipad-9.7/specs/






The rules are simple:


Pick a number between 1 and 500

Over or under will not matter

Shipping is on me...


This will run from now until Saturday 10/20/18 at 12:00 Noon when I'll fire up the random number generator and pick the winner.... Good Luck!!

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