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Buzzard Creek System

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Last Sunday Hi-Fi Bourbon and I made the trip to Barlow, KY to the residence of MRHP

in order to retrieve a 2018 Carverfest amp kit (so graciously brought back by MRHP)

and to visit/audition his audio system. One word describes the experience..."AWESOME".


MRHP was very welcoming and his laid back demeanor made us feel as if we were visiting

and old friend. A taste of Carverfest without the Bob C. factor. After an inventory of the amp

kit parts we soon began playing with the toys. And what toys! We started listing to a system

consisting of the following components:

Sunfire tube preamplifier (not sure of model #), Carver Baby black tube amps (monoblocked),

Dahlquist DQ-20 speakers, dual DIY subwoofers powered by Sunfire Architect's Choice Series II

(625 x 2) amp and an Oppo BDP-103. The sound was very detailed and crystal clear and the

subs kicked me right in the  ass! I remember thinking "this is very close to the sound of a live

concert". Excellent system synergy. We then swapped the Baby Blacks for Carver 180 tube

amps (monoblocked) w/KT-120 tubes. The additional power produced a whole new level of

dynamics and realism.


We continued the audition with some tube rolling on the amps and preamp. Amazes me how 

tubes can change the sonic signature of a system. MRHP has a wonderful collection of rare

vintage tubes.


Some of the equipment we did not have time to listen to (as we didn't want to wearout our welcome)

was a Lightstar amplifier and a TFM-75 amplifier. Another, of note, aspect of MRHP's components is

his collection of early production pieces: TFM-75 (serial #1), Baby Black amps (serial #1 & #2), and

180 amps (pre-production prototypes' pre-serial #d). Quite the collection!


Hi-Fi Bourbon took a few pics on his iPhone and I am hoping (With MRHP's permission) he will post

them on this tread. Everyone loves the eye candy...🍬


Also, if I have made any misstatements about the components, maybe we can get MRHP (who

recently joined our site, but is a long time member of our sister site) to chime in, elaborate or

maybe even post additional pics. I think there are pics of some of his equip. on the "Carverfest

2018 Open Discussion and Pics" thread: page 3.


Bottom Line is I was very  impressed  and came away with one prevailing thought...I need to

rethink the need for adding the extra realism of a good subwoofer(s) to my system.


Special thanks to MRHP for the most enjoyable visit...~^


AS a side note we were unable to listen to his 2018 Carverfest 275 amps

because they are still under construction.


Hi-Fi Bourbon will be assembling my 275 amp kit, so I ask that  if he has

questions members here respond if you have the answers. Thanks in advance...:) 


Bob Carver equipment rocks!!!|-||-||-|

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Go right ahead and post pics I don't mind at all. If I can figure out how I'll put up some more pics after HiFi-burbon.

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Congratulations on your inaugural post MRHP!

Welcome...good to have you as a member here. ~^


I think there is a requirement for either 6 posts  and/or

6 Member's total reputation points in order to post pics.

Maybe Nahash can give us a clarification.


Thanks to hifibourbon for the pics...good job!

(sorry for misspelling your ID name in previous post) #-o

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Nice to glimpse the home system, Eric. It gives context to your wife's droll "most unimpressive set-up" estimation (Sunfire Architect's Choice Series II, Oppo BDP-103 with DQ-20) at 2018 CarverFest. 😁


Thanks for posting pics gentlemen.

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Just to up my post count I'll talk a bit about some other components. The Dahlquist DQ LP-1 Variable Low Pass Filter is quite an amazing crossover for a 30+yr old unit. It is sitting on top of the TFM75.


Mark Lucas "radioeng2" modified the center channel rca outputs and hand built a couple of small boards that plug in and change the high pass crossover frequency. The crossover frequency changes depending on whether I use a tube amp or solid state amp. Basically something I know nearly nothing about...lol    


Something to do with output resistance of vacuum vs solid state. So I have a board for each. Mark is a real friend and genius when it comes to things like this. He got me into home made open baffle speakers.

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