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Video Discs for sale

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Mods...if this doesn't apply here please remove it. I don't know if non Carver items are allowed here....but if they are....    I have several hundred video discs....the LP sized discs and a player that plays both these and standard DVDs as well. These were part of a non paid storage locker that I purchased years ago. They belonged to a Hollywood producer who had gone through a divorce and his ex "forgot" to tell him that payment was due and he lost the storage space. Part of the items were boxes and boxes of video discs....almost 400 in all and most of them are either collections or hard to find discs. He had a taste for B grade horror flicks that later became cult followed films and many, many other discs including collections like the Disney classics, cartoon classics... ( he was a cartoonist and produced a number of feature animated films). ( I even got a black rubber rat signed by Ann Rice!). There are Bruce Lee collections, Clint Eastwood collections....way too many to list. They have all been played just one time....when he originally opened them to first see them and they were then put back into their covers and filed away. For a time I was selling these on line and getting as much as $50 each for them...( the rare ones like the B&W Steamboat Willie and early Betty Boop). I'd like to sell the entire collection and would sell them all in "as new" condition for $1 each! They can be shipped in 3 or 4 large boxes with media mail for about $15-$20 a box anywhere in the US. If you need a player for them I do have a Panasonic dual disc player that I might be willing to part with for near nothing to anyone wanting the entire collection. If you've never seen one of these video discs before, the picture and sound quality is excellent! If anyone is interested I can try to take some time and make a long list of what's in there, but I don't think anyone would be disappointed. I think "The Swamp Thing" and "Creature From the Black Lagoon"..( if it's still in there) sell for quite a bit if someone wants to take the time to sell them off one at a time. Your profit margin would be probably well over 10 times what you would be buying them for! I simply don't want to take the time to list them individually any more!

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