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No Depreciation on Genuine MKII Amplifiers toward new Bob Carver Tube Amps

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Genuine MKII amplifiers as built and warrantied by Nahsh5150 qualify for a - No Depreciation trade in value - toward the purchase of new Bob Carver Vacuum Tube Amplifiers..


Price of a MKII can vary due to cosmetics of the donor amp.. The original price you paid for a complete MKII (usually ranging from $650 -$750) is allowed with no loss of value within the Bob Carver line..


Mobility within the Bob Carver brand, without depreciation loss to the customer, is most likely the best on earth.. If you know of a competitive policy please share. Within the Bob Carver Line you can't loose with a genuine MKII as a trade.


This is an exclusive offer of Jim Clark Stereo.. A Bob Carver Showcase.



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