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Best Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines

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I know this thread is a little old, but I thought I'd add that I use the Okie Nokki and have had really good results with it.  I've also got a Spin Clean, which works well but not quite as well as the Okie Nokki.  I'm far from an expert on these things and as was mentioned before, some folks are religious about how they clean their vinyl, but for me, I like that the Okie Nokki removes most of the excess water from the record.  My overall process is similar, just quicker with the Okie Nokki since I don't have to wait as long for the records to dry.  


I use the L'Art duSon record cleaning liquid, which I also highly recommend.  I've only used this with my Okie, so I can't vouch for how it works in the Spin Clean but I've read that people recommend rinsing if not used with a vacuum machine.  I never rinse and, as far as I can tell, there isn't any residue left on the record when I'm done.

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I've just picked up one of these:






I haven't had the chance to even fully unpack it, let alone try it, but I'll try to let everyone know what it's like, when I've had the chance to use it a bit.  I like that it does allow for a rinse pass very easily, but I have no Idea how good or bad the whole thing will work.  :-k

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