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Rod the Mod

Snake oil? No fights, just post links here.

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I don't want to dignify this with a link,..., sorry Rod.  


I always look for these guys at AXPONA, just to laugh, and well, to "play them" a little, like I'd really be interested.  This year, they had a HUGE stage, and about 15 people "selling" the snake oil. When I left, I gave them Rod's email address and phone number (😀) and said please call me Monday so I can buy one of everything! (I had to shred the brochure and wash my hands after handling, and take electroshock to erase the memory. 😉)




Always a tip-off when you see an exhibit with a Jacobs Ladder and a Tesla Coil as props in an audio show... 🤓  I had to ask the lady selling to me..., Tell me "how much more, can you quantify how much control, clarity and music I'll hear?"  Stumped, but not phased, she continues her pitch, without missing a beat!



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