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The 'Greg, Bruce & Dennis Project'

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Congrats @Sk1Bum- you have just swallowed that red pill, and there's no going back, now ... EVER!  :haha:|-|~^


With the right bottles in there, your sonic world is about to change in a way that is very difficult to quite understand.  All I can say is that there is truly a reason people like the sound of tubes.  It may not be that your frequency response is perectly flat, or "undistored" but who cares, when it sounds like that - and in the case of this incredible project, LOOKS like that (inside and out).  What a way to go!   :D


Dig out your wallet and start exploring the bottomless pit of tube rolling!   **))   9_9

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I want to thank Bruce for the wonderful box enclosure.  There are a lot of details that cannot be appreciated as seen in the pictures.  Most ingenious is the hidden magnet fasteners installed in the lid to secure the it to the enclosure.  Bruce put a lot of effort into this this project.  Thank you.  You are a Master Craftsman.  


I also want to shout out to Greg for his work in putting the electronic guts into place.  


And Keven who gave me some really nice Bugle Boy Tubes to replace the Russian Tubes that came with it.  With those tubes installed I don't think Richard will need to do any tube rolling.


Enjoy Richard.  Now you are on the hook to show us some pictures.  

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The GBD Project arrived Thursday in great shape. I have to say, the pictures do not do this justice. It is gorgeous! More pictures will come, but probably not until Thanksgiving weekend. The only place I have room right now is behind the 4000t until I tear down my system, rebuilt the rack so that I can make room for it to sit on top of one of the other pieces. I have everything I need except the time to do it. 


Now for the audio part: The buffer is connected via the External Processor loop, and I have the BugleBoy tubes installed. I've listened to vinyl, SACD, flac, and FM. I've listened to Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Bonnie Raitt, The Rippingtons,  Sade and whatever was on the radio. The effects of the GBD-P are subtle. It sounds to me like everything is just a few hertz lower in tone with a bit of added warmth, and I do like how it affects my rig--a lot. I won't grow tired of it. That said, I also like how my system sounds without the buffer, and I don't grow tired of that either. As it stands right now, the dilemma is just like trying to decide whether to run my BillD C-1 or the 4000t. There is no wrong choice, and those are the kinds of problems that I can really appreciate.


One thing I did notice is Sonic Holography is adversely affected. I'm guessing the frequencies that the Gundry Notch plays with may be some of the same frequencies affected by the buffer, but then again, I'm just guessing. For now, if I want SH, I just bypass the external processor loop in the 4000t. 


At some point, I plan on moving the GBD-P to my bedroom rig, and seeing how it affects that system. It will be much easier to get some pics there too. That won't happen though until I get more interconnects. LOL--I thought I had some spares, but nooooo. I had to scavenge some interconnects from the bedroom rig. :D  More are on the way. When they get here, I also want to try it directly between the 4000t and the M500t mkII. 


I can't heap enough praise or thank yous to Greg, Bruce, & Dennis. You guys are the real deal, and I'm thankful to have met y'all even if it's only online. Maybe someday I can buy y'all a beer or three, share some stories, brag on grandkids...


<aside to Bruce> If there are scratches or swirl marks, I can't see 'em. That box is gorgeous, and to me, priceless. For everything else there's Mastercard.  :D



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