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Abandoned factories of Detroit - fascinating video.

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Yep - that's where I grew up.


Spent a lot of time at the Packard Plant. A section of it was used for Paint Ball. Walking on gravel roofs and looking over the city like that brings back memories.


I used to install iron security doors and windows in Detroit. Been everywhere in that city. Very beautiful homes in many areas for dirt cheap. Just had to keep them secure. You could pretty much live in a mansion for 50k.

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That was a great video..  Nicely shot.


Sad to see all that urban decay though.   Kinda reminded me of the series on Discovery "After Man" or something like that, where they show you 5, 10, 50, 100 years after man and what the area would look like.

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There was a show, a few years back, on, I think, Discovery, about abandoned places.  t seemed to focus on the Buffalo, Detroit, and Chicago, if I remember correctly.  It was quite interesting to watch, but one of the people in it was prone to walking along high open roofs, girders, etc to get some great views, and my fear of heights didn't really find that "relaxing" shall we say?


Sad to see so many such places out, there, abandoned like that, and think hoe much care and effort went into building them.

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