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X-Power by Nissho Electronics and Magnetic Field

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Looks very similar though........eusa_think.gif
Elite audio component Kit vintage stall BENYTONE X-CALIBRE 4000 series
BENYTONE X-CALIBRE MC4000-preamplifier
BENYTONE X-CALIBRE MA4000-target amplifier
The complex is some positive emotions.
Producer-MARUBENI Corporation (Japan)
Luxurious look and feel, great sound, very reminiscent of Luxman.
Excellent ergonomics.
See the video in the AUDIOPOWER EN
Lot purchased through EUROAMERICA EN

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Well, those bottom two components sure look like a M-500t and a TX-11a


Yes.  A chicken- egg thing.


Bob's mentioned in interviews that when he started, he had to 'back order' M-400's, take the money and pay for the parts to build one or two, selling them and then filling the back orders, etc.


I think the post at the link has the situation reversed, and that, once Carver started building from Japan, he perhaps licensed to the other company for sales to Germany and Soviet Union.


Also, the TX-11 was built on the chassis of a pre-existing model (the Carver innovation was the ACCD circuit, a tacked on bopard or two) so perhaps he took the existing Tuner and Carver-ized it.

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My memory of related information goes something like this;

I was working at Toshiba America HQ at the time (~1980) - besides being a primary transistor supplier, Toshiba later developed quite a relationship with Carver, OEM'd CD players to Carver (TL3200/TL3220 can't remember more), NAD & others.  Anyhow I digressed;

After reading adds for the M400 I had a long discussion with the Toshiba audio product development lead - he was a very knowledgable fellow, and was familar with the subject - had never actually heard an M400.  He thought the Cube had neat styling and a novel design, and made a specific mention about how the Yamaha product looked a bit like Darth Vader's helmet (remember the time period).  He probably had just seen or heard of both at the most recent CES.  His understanding was the basic design was Carver's, and that it got cross-licenced to Yamaha or whatever, probably to raise capital.  He did say that the Yamaha design was subtly different than Carver's because they did some additional engineering or more sophisticated triac circuitry (?? note could have been something else, I am recalling 30+ year old conversations) - for the life of me I don't remember exactly what.

I am not sure about the Nissho electronics part - I do remember he said a part of the technology was not really new/or invented by Carver - help me out here, was it the triac?, but it was Carver that had perfected its implementation. 
The choice came down to an Adcom or the Carver...  I liked the novel design and ended up buying an M400 & Toshiba's gold anodized "mini" components, which matched the M400's color & size pretty close, still have the system today.
Don't really know if I clarified this much...

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Guest RodH
Hi Joe!
How about a picture of your system? We're photo fans here!

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