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    The mkII designs, information and use of the brand are given freely for those who wish to pursue DIY rebuild or repair. It has been a long standing assumption of courtesy that if you flip units or perform the mod to sell that you either ask for permission or become a member of the Carver Repair Team. I have seen some outrageously poor (and dangerous) work out there, as well as people getting stiffed by so called techs that claim they can do this mod (and fail). It shouldn't be necessary to remind people that if you use someone else's brand that you at the very least ask for permission. The mkII brand carries value for a reason, and it will be protected. (A failed blue LED mod. Instead of repairing the circuit, the LED driver ribbon cable was cut, the terminal removed, and wired haphazardly into the PCB. It didn't work very well either. Much of this kind of work seems to work for a while then fails (then it gets sent to me under the assumption I fix it for free)) (Destroyed traces are a COMMON sight on amps worked on by both 'professional' shops as well as DIYers. Think before you buy! Do not hire just anyone willing to work for cheap.) (More ruined traces and a quick not-so-covert cover up.) ("Upgraded Signal Path!!!" Unfortunately, the capacitors were mounted wrong, causing intermittent failures and eventually a totally blown channel. But at least they used Audio Grade capacitors...) (Upgraded op amps!! I guess we all have a different idea about the word 'UPgraded'.) Look - we all make mistakes and travel up the learning curve, but seriously, some of this is inexcusable. Carver Repair Team members DO NOT offer warranty services to just any claimed 'mkII' amplifier. The Carver Repair Team members are extremely generous, helpful and go out of their way to make the mkII brand, as well as other modification pursuits - a reliable, durable and supported project. There are no sellers or services on Ebay that have permission to use the mkII brand. There are no products offered outside of this site and Nelion Audio that are 'official' mkII products. So please use caution! If you're not sure about something offered on Ebay, just ask me! That said, if you have an official mkII amplifier performed by your truly, you may contact me on my business email SERVICE@NELIONAUDIO.COM for an official sticker to place on the unit. Please do not PM me for stickers. I can't keep track in a busy PM box with topics and requests of all sorts. The sticker greatly enhances the amplifier's overall performance and listening experience.
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    So I've been putting this little tiny house space together for a couple of months now and finally gotten a few tape decks connected this week. I have a LOT of cassette decks for sure... Luv 'em Collect them Service them Soon I will be getting several CD players into service in another rack. There's just so little time after working and doing house and yard chores.
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    Hello to you all! I was referred here by Paul. After listening to his Carver setup of amps, pre-amps, processors, and most significantly his Amazing Silver's, I was so bowled over with the real life listening experience, I had to purchase a set of pristine ALS Platinum MkIV's in oak that were available for local pickup. The good man that Paul is, he went with me, in HIS Suburban, to inspect, pickup, load, and then setup at my house. What a DUDE! I spent four hours adjusting positioning of speakers and listening couch. When I finally did the right toe-in just right, the stage snapped into focus but also expanded in width and depth. I've been enjoying listening sessions, morning and night, but also notice the sound is great throughout the whole house. It's natural, smooth and un-strained. Piano and strings are sooo lifelike! I'll post a couple pics soon, but wanted to make and introductions and also send thanks to Paul Regards and Happy Listening, Albikes
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    Strange times. I sold off a fair bit of gear over the last few months. I'm finally out of credit card debt! None, zero. Nada. Now I'm going to sell more and pay cash for new toys. That PayPal credit is dangerous!
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    I buy quality streak. Salt and a little pepper is all I use. I don't want to mask the taste of the cow.
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    I'm a watch guy. The Rolex's are actual PHolex's (phoney Rolex) that I picked up in Kuwait. I also included a picture of a watch I picked up at one of the Arab markets used - it was neat in that it had a thermometer built in the face - I gifted that to a friend that was leaving theater. My favorite is a Russian commemorative watch of the Sputnik launch (I included a close up of that). How about 14:30 for my timeslot.
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    Receiver 2000. Rebuilt by me. Sounds great! Remote and manual included. Pick a number between 77 and 777. Seriously. My Karma, my rules. Drawing some time this weekend, when I feel like it. Heck, pick more than one number, I don't care! OK, limit is five numbers. That could get silly.
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    Picked up some of Wayne (Kingman)'s gear while visiting at Ed (sea)'s house last weekend. It's an honor to own some of his gear. Phase Linear Dual 500. What a beast! It weighs close to 80lbs and is rated at 505wpc. I was surprised at how nice it sounds, was expecting a bit of a harsh flat tone but no it's quite musical.
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    What I have here is a Pyramid 13.8V 30amp power supply I lost in my garage 2 years ago; brand new, never used. So I went and bought another one... Now that I have it, I don't have a use for it so it's up for grabs. I also found in the same box a generic solder sucker also brand new that I don't have a use for either. Simple rules: Pick a number from 1 to 100 (Over doesn't matter) and I'll pick a winner Friday at noon time. Good Luck!!!!
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    I had purchased two of these units for the kids rooms. They perform well but you can't "rename" BT receivers so the kids were inadvertently connecting to each others systems. Of course - this was dad's fault. In this classic example of no-good-deed-goes-unpunnished, I finally bought my daughter a different BT receiver. (You will need a phone charging block to power it via usb etc.) Pick a number between 1-100 (without going over) - I will generate a number on Sunday night. Itch
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    Are you a watch aficionado? Wrist watch type? Up for consideration: A Citizen Eco-Drive all titanium solar powered Skyhawk Cal. # C651 All original packaging, paperwork and wristband links. New super-capacitor storage cell. Conditions: You must want the watch to use. If I see it on ePrey you did not Abide! Don't post "In" - as follows. Need a picture of your current watch(es) - on your wrist. Hey you have to be a watch-guy. (Kevin: A sketch of a Mickey-Mouse watch in Sharpie on your wrist is not acceptable) Pick a TIME between 00:01 and 23:59 Will draw a winner whenever the time seems right.
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    Had my C5 C6 disk replaced this morning. Surgeon went thru front of neck and placed an artificial disk. Walked out 4 hrs later. Sore but tolerable. Amazing what they can do
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    Up for grabs is 2 bsr eq-3000s 1 works perfectly. no issues the one with the blue light works as well but there’s something going on with the spectrum display.im including it as parts unit. I purchased it from eBay 2 years ago perfect working order my ass. I have no interest in repairing the display and honestly sick of looking at them. so here’s another chance to get 2 for free pick a number 0-100 numbers will be placed in a hat my 8 yr old will draw the winner. we will do the drawing on fri June 19
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    We have a WINNER! RodH! Damn, now I have to pay shipping to Canada... Guess I shouldn't have posted those Canada jokes. Congrats Rod!
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    Phase Linear turntable, I'm told it's quite rare. Works and sounds great! Lightstar preamp. Check out the preamp remote sitting on top of the Dahlquist crossover. It looks like a mini-me Lightstar amplifier...lol
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    What I have here are 2 webcams; relatively new. The cam on the left is 1080P HD autofocus, microphone, etc. The cam on the right is also 1080P HD but you have to rotate the silver ring to manual focus it, has microphone, etc. I've used Skype, YAWcam and Logitech with them with no problems... Simple rules: Pick an number between 1 and 100 (over doesn't matter) I'll pick a winner tomorrow July 4 at 12:00 PM EDT Good Luck Everyone!
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    Way back in 1980 I bought a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 454 LS5 with a Muncie m22 Rock crusher tranny and highway gears. It was fathom blue with white stripes and black interior. I paid $800 for it and sold it for 2500 in 1984 because I couldn't afford the gas. It cost me $5 a day to go back and forth to work which was $100 a month not including cruising and racing. Back then I think I was making $12 per hour. This vehicle is now worth anywhere from 45 - 75k Wish I would have kept it! Barrett-Jackson and Mecum really jacked up the prices.
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    I bought a 1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air with a 4 speed from the original owner in 1981. It was in terrible condition, he wanted $1175 and I found it listed in the Big Nickel here in Ogden. I was in the Air Force stationed at Hill Air Force base here in Roy Utah at the time. I went to the America First Credit Union on base and applied for a loan and the most they would lend me was $500 bucks. So I went out to his place in Ogden, took a look at the car and was amazed that it was really an original Ram Air 4 speed car and still had all the correct items including the Ram Air hood plate, carb pan and Ram Air knob below the dash to open the flapper doors in the hood scoops. I offered him $500 for it and he turned me down. But I gave him my barracks room phone number in case he changed his mind. Upon walking into my room in the barracks, he called me to come and get the car for $500. My best buddy drove my 68 GTO we used to tow it home with. Apart from my kids and Wife, I'd say this was and is by far and away the best investment I've ever made in my life. I restored the car in 1985 and submitted pics, to the UltimateGTO.com website in March 2003, that I took of it out on Antelope Island back in the summer of 2002. I was emailed by Jeff Klein(Webmaster) the next day telling me to keep a look out on the website since he and his wife picked my car as the pic of the week for March 30th 2003. Oh, and in rare form, Jeff also published the letter I sent to him along with my pictures. He rarely does that on his site. I still own the car today and it sits in the garage now as seen in the image below. Values for the original numbers matching 1970 Ram Air goats are stupid ridiculous today. I pulled, oiled, bagged and stored the original numbers matching engine away. I only spent 5 grand, for the full restoration on it, including the purchase price of the car. It is worth so much more than that today. So I don't drive it much at all now. Plus I get swamped by kids wanting to race it nearly every time I take it out. People(Mainly teens) freak completely out when they see and hear it and have nearly crashed into me in their excitement. I went through 5 different camshafts before I finally settled on a monster Comp 305 magnum cam with 254@.050" duration. I had the heads modified fly cutting the spring seats in order to fit Big Block Chev triple Vasco jet valve springs to eliminate any cam restrictions relating to lift. I degreed the cam in myself running it 1.5 degrees advanced. It has a very nice rumpity, rump, rump sound that shakes the whole car at a 900 rpm idle. And I love the way it sounds at idle, so rare to hear them with a rolling rumpity, rump, rump sound like this today. I picked up a 70' Grand Prix 455 short block for $50 bucks(I built myself) had it punched out +.030" now measuring 463 cubic inches with forged flat top pistons, lightened knife edged crank(Everything on the reciprocating assembly was lightened and balanced including rods, pistons, harmonic balancer, pulleys, clutch disc and hat) and using tiny 65cc chamber Ram Air #12 heads that makes for 12.5:1 compression ratio along with a complete Ram Air III induction system, a Muncie M22 rock crusher 4 speed(built myself) and a 12 bolt(Also built myself) into which I put in strange engineering 35 spline axles, 3.90:1 Richmond gears and a Tru-Trac posi unit. It runs 11's at 121 miles per hour in the quarter here in Utah on Ethanol. The only problem is the fact that it only gets 3 miles per gallon on alcohol. They don't tell you that at all, but alcohol has roughly 50% less BTU output than gas. And I had a heck of a time modifying the entire fuel system as well as modifying and jetting the Q-Jet to run right on alcohol. Oh, and alcohol and rubber don't get along well at all, don't even ask how I know. So I had to go through everything in the fuel system, containing rubber, and replace it with neoprene or silicone to work well with alcohol. I even had the fuel pump spring a leak due to the rubber diaphram degrading from the alcohol. Fortunately carter made one(Alcohol compatible) for Poncho's with a neoprene diaphram and I've never had a problem since installing it. At least I got 6 MPG on C16 super blue race gas. You may ask, why bother running alcohol? Well, for one the engine never even gets warm on alcohol even in the blistering 100°+ thin air up here the temp guage barely moves now. Second, it registers 0 emissions on the tailpipe sniffer. Heck all the guys at the emission testing centers ask me why it won't even torch off their tailpipe probes. I tell them the alcohol runs colder than gas by far and I have to run the engine up to 4,500 rpm to get them to light off to take their measurement and they are then stunned telling me it runs cleaner than any brand new car. Third, it makes 100 horsepower more on alcohol than it can on gasoline, alcohol is an oxygen bearing fuel and creates oxygen as a byproduct of combustion, you also dump much more of it into the engine about 40-50% more than gasoline hence the worse fuel economy. Think chemical supercharging aka NOS(Nitrous Oxide). Nuff said... Here's a link to the image still up on UltimateGTO.com: http://ultimategto.com/cgi-bin/showcar.cgi?pow=yes&pic=/pow/pow0313 This is what you'll see there: A shot of the engine bay, looks correct but hides many mods inside the engine. It looks original, but it's wicked. A shot of the freshly align bored and modified 455 short block with new Warrior Racing 4 bolt main caps and their stud kit on the bottom end. Engine build complete and ready to drop in. And those are factory cast iron Ram Air headers mounted on there. Quite a rare sight to see nowadays. And here's the car I towed the 70 home with: Pretty good looking front end with the hide-away headlights I always thought. Turbo
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    This was mine back in the early 80's. 67 GTO Hurst duel gate shifter 400 CID 389 steel crank, Ramair 4 heads, aluminum intake, Mallory dual point, 3.91 rear end and 400 turbo trans. I too wished I kept it.
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    My sister and I were going to meet our older brother and some of his friends at Toads in New Haven CT- a local Yale uni bar. It was a 40 min drive and as we started we diverted to downtown Hartford due to the heavy rain. My brother also didn't show for unknown reasons. The Rolling Stones showed up and played. They quietly rented a small town in Ct to get ready for a tour and wanted a warm up. $3 cover. Win some...lose some... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-steel-wheels-warm-up/
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    Got each channel fired up. the fan is super quiet. I couldn’t even tell if it was running had to look at it. On initial power on the fan runs then shuts down after a few mins. I’m guessing it turns back once it reaches desired temp. however a basic dc offset check reveals she needs some work. As left channel had 75mv and right at 50 mv before I shut it down and the meter lights work too
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    She arrived yesterday. Well packaged handles removed as I requested. Kudos for that. Moisture seems to be on the outside and doesn’t look like it got in internally. Internally she looks much better then I expected. None of the caps looks swollen gunna throw her on the variac here shortly make sure she still turns on. Everything looking pretty good so far
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    It's grilling season …...I start by smearing butter on both sides of the steak and adding salt and pepper. (Sometimes, I'll use Montreal steak seasoning) I keep the grill lid open and once the top of the steak is browned properly, I flip it over. The only time I close the grill for a bit is if the steaks are really thick. During the grilling, I pour a nice beer over the steaks... Guiness works great. Anyone have any nice seasoning mixes you use for your steaks? Also, try cutting up eggplant in slices and grill them with olive oil. It's great with your steaks or in your sandwiches.
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    I'm a fan of the reverse sear. I put charcoal on one side of the grill and slow cook the steaks on the cold side for a while and then I put them over high heat to crust them up over the fire. When I pull them ~120 degrees, I let them rest. I aim for the carryover heat to take them to a medium rare - just as the muscle has started to contract, yet still has retained its moisture.
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    ...The greatest generation embarked on the greatest seabourne invasion of all time...All gave some, some gave all... Erwin Rommel observed that it was to be *The Longest Day*
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    Same here but I use garlic salt instead of salt over a hot fire (no flame). I also dry my steak prior to grilling and before seasoning and never add moisture as that keeps the steak from forming that wonderful tasty crust as it interferes with the Maillard Reaction. Recently I bought a whole side of Australian raised Rib Eye (Saved🤑) which I never had before. It is a lot leaner than the American as it is grass raised only. I was worried it would be dry and tough but found that by cooking it for a shorter time to Med Rare it came out very good.
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    I've owned muscle cars ever since I could drive. It started with a 58 Chevy convertible with a tri power 348 in it.. loved that car! I've owned 11 Corvettes..none newer than 1969 454 swap and a tri power 67 with the 427 in it...the rest were from 56 to 64 all with hopped up small blocks....then a 6 pack Cuda, Sunbeam Tiger, 240Z with a Chevy 383 stroker in it, Jag XJ6 with another 383 in it, 928 Porsche with aluminum V-8...and a few others that don't come to mind right now. I ended up with a repo Cobra with a Dart Iron Eagle 351W block bored and stroked to 446 cu in, twisted wedge raised port heads, custom Comp cam that dyno'd at 690 hp...great for almost 20 years ago when I first built it. After 15 years and ready to retire to where there is much rain I sold it...bought a nice Honda S2000 and have been quite happy with it since then! Oh yes... I did also have a Rambler Scrambler SC500. Only 1500 were made so that they could race at NHRA in stock division. It came with a 390 engine, 4 speed, hurst shifter and a Sun Tach on the dash....Ugly, but worth a small fortune now! I have 1 photo of it somewhere, but can't find it now...here is what it looked like though. https://autowise.com/extremely-rare-a-scheme-69-amc-hurst-scrambler-for-sale-on-ebay/ and the Cobra with a "light" takeoff. Also... I was starting off in second gear. First would just sit and spin! Interesting story on the license plates. I went to the DMV right after I bought the car and yet it wasn't complete yet...the engine was still on the stand. I asked for several different licenses and the guy just laughed and said " there's no way you'll ever find a plate that hasn't already been taken" but I asked him to check anyway if he would. 67VENOM was the third on my list of about 25. Moments later he came back shaking his head and said " I don't know how or why this happened...maybe the guy wrecked his car, but this plate was just released this morning!". I jumped on it and registered it to my Mittsubishi 3000 which I was driving at the time. For 6 months I drove the car with that plate on it until the Cobra was finished. It's still on the car with a friend who bought it from me to this day almost 20 years later! The Camaro in the photo was also mine at the time. No matching numbers, but had a 425hp 396 in it. Great runner, but didn't handle well. I swapped out the automatic with a Tremec TKO. The Camaro already had the clutch pedal hangers in it so the swap was quite easy.
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    It's funny how technology has pushed the HP numbers game so much. It is no longer a requirement to have a nasty cam in a big block to make more than 500 HP. The sound of a big cam is not something that can be reproduced by a 4 or 6 cylinder - you need 8 for that. I feel inadequate posting in here - mine only has 405 HP from the factory. But it holds its own with most anything I have ran it against. 2002 Z06. 20,XXX on the clock. Garage queen unless it is sunny. Gets 30 MPG on the highway on cruise.
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    Hi everyone, It has been some time since I last posted something. So long that I had to re sign up. Hope everyone is doing well in these times. Looking forward to bringing my amazing silvers back to life. Thanks, Metal
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    Enjoying all the different Welcome pics and comments. Purchased the eBay original crossovers, should make it easier to refurb the speaker pair. The ALS manual is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to all for the assist. Will update with more info and rebuild results when available. Stay safe.
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    I kept the plates except the one that was on it when it sold. It said LO SLED.
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    I wish all you fathers out there a great day with family, friends or whatever you are doing to celebrate. I won't be able to spend the day together with my father because of a couple reasons. But while my wife and I are on the charter boat we will live video with him. Kind of a different feeling because we usually are always together. But today I got a chance to listen to him tell me some stories about him and his father hunting together back in the day. My father passed down an old Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge pump to me and I was cleaning it up and oiling it and I remembered some stories he told me before. Years ago, like back in the 30's and 40's people didn't have much on the table so this gun was used to provide for the family. Anything from ducks, rattle snakes, all the way up to a mountain lion. I wished I knew my grandfather better but I did at least get to hunt and fish with my moms father when I was young. I got to hear some of those hunting stories from my dad too. He and his father in-law used to go bear and whitetail hunting with this same gun. Excellent stories behind this 12 gauge. I love you DAD. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL !!!!!!!!!
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    The BluDento receiver arrived today in fine shape. Thank you Steve! This recording sounds surprisingly good, and I am very pleased, thankful, and I'll find a way to pay it forward. Now I don't feel the need for another oppo 103 (like that will stop me).
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    I'm definitely a watch guy.....been repairing railroad grade pocket watches and mechanical wristwatches for many years. I still have over 20 high end pocket watches and several RR wristwatches in the collection. That's a beautiful watch, but quite possibly way to large for a small boned guy like myself. It's a fantastic karma though and very generous of you to offer it! You said no Mickey Mouse watches...... Circa 1934 and still running!
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    I've had reasonably good luck with this product. An 8oz. kit is available on Amazon for about $20, good for a few turntable dust covers. For deep scratches, I have an oscillating random orbital polisher (cheap one from Harbor Freight) to do the work requiring elbow-grease.
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    Chillin’ Listenin’ to tunes on three systems at once. Sittin’ by a fire. Cold beers.
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    My method is real simple. I lay out the steak, and barely cover it with soy sauce, sprinkle it with garlic pepper, and let it lay there until the charcoal is fully ashed over. Put the grill back over the fire, let it get very hot, then the steak goes on. 1" thick or less, and it gets 5 minutes on the first side, 3 minutes on the flip side. Thicker may get an extra minute or two. When I take it off, it then sets for at least 5 minutes before the knife goes to it. Eggplant planks are very nice on the grill. So are asparagus, tomato halves, artichoke halves, onion slices, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, ...
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    Good to hear, you gave the single-finger salute to the banking/credit-card industry! It's a con! a legal con, of course. The credit is instant gratification. It's the interest that accrues over time that makes everything cost way more than the initial "bargain" to have it now... The smartest finance people I know say the second best thing to NOT HAVE (after eliminating CC debt) is to pay off your mortgage. That frees up capital for doing so many things.
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    My audio odyssey has included many types of speakers and amplification and has led me to find that I prefer at least some tube amplification in my system (I guess I like that kind of distortion) and that I must have vinyl around to play when I have the time but that other formats are quite handy. I've not ventured into Carver equipment in the past because it seemed SS oriented when I was very focused on tube amplification. Now I see that Senor Carver has created some very nice tube equipment that I'd like to explore. In the immediate future, however, I've acquired a C-1 that I'd like to update/refurbish with BillD mods for which I see there is a lot of information here and elsewhere to digest. Alas, I have few skills in the area and I hope to meet up with folks here that can help in my quest. Oh, yeah, and I like a good Porter or Stout.
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    You should never worry about it. Stress and fear weakens your immune system. Being positive, taking good care of yourself, and being kind to others will defeat this pandemic much more easily than trying to constantly pound people over the head with how miserable things are and how inescapably dangerous the virus is. It's all a political spin, designed around an election year. --- Keep the politics out of it and your survival chances will increase dramatically. Besides, why does it matter so much what these people say? If you think they're full of shit then go your own way. I'm kinda shocked how sheepish and helpless people are acting about this. Would it make some feel better if Fauci compared all this to the end of the world and that most people will die and leave the survivors in a waterless toxic desert scraping for bugs to live a few more days? I still don't understand what people expect from the government when you have local leaders and health professions who are the only people who can actually make a real difference in your community. For christ's sake, why is everything always about the goddamn federal government? FUCK THEM. It shouldn't be any surprise that they're all out for their own interest. ALL of them. It's a cold virus. The experts have said from the very beginning the best we can do as a community is to slow the spread. It's going to spread, no matter what, as long as it maintains its vitality. Only two things stop it - herd immunity and/or die off. The expectation that the virus can be stopped by government policies or sympathetic pandering is madness. Exploitation of our natural fear of death and suffering. It's the same old thing, over and over again, as those in power clench their fists around our necks.
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    And this will be my 2 channel system with the silvers. I will also be adding a turn table
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    I have to be somewhere this afternoon, so here we go: Congrats fxBill, PM me your address.
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    Rod Time: 12:01 The Gold Seiko was my dad's first watch, he passed away 20 years ago and left it to me. My youngest daughter sent it to Seiko and had it completely overhauled and presented it to me for my 60th birthday, what a GREAT present. 2 Seiko mand 2 Tag Heuer. Brian
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    My variac has served me well. Fixed a bunch of amps with this. No longer needed. It's a Staco 3PN1010B, 0-140VAC, 10A (probably has the wrong fuse in it). Condition is as I received it a while ago. Note the dial is in %, fairly common. The dot at 85% is 120VAC. Standard pick a number 1-100. Closest gets it. Going over is allowed, tie goes to the under. Entries until midnight Saturday. I'll do a random number on Sunday, ship it some day.
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    When the OP gets his main speakers back I am going to redo his Plat crossovers correctly for him And modify them to be bi-amped.
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    I use headlight cleaning kits for scratches. Car polish works good, too if it's not scratched.
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