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    Up for grabs is a M4.0t that has been in my closet for too long. It's in very good shape both interior as well as exterior; it is all original as best I can tell but with anything this old it should be restored. I did a quick test on it and it seems to perform well. Rules are simple: Pick a number between 1 -100 and I'll choose a winner on Friday 3/20/20 Good luck everyone!
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    Hi Everyone- Stumbled upon the carversite while looking at stereo stuff. I have a Receiver 2000 that I bought new in 1986 along with a DTL-200 CD player. Bought Thiel CS2's with them. Played and enjoyed them all for years then had kids and it all went into storage until a couple years ago. Kids are out of the house and turned my daughters room into my listing room and am back at it with the Receiver 2000, the Thiels and an AT LP5 turntable. I have been busy finding copies of all the vinyl that I used to have and enjoying my old friend Carver again.
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    We were awakened by the worst earthquake I've ever experienced here in the Salt Lake valley this morning at approximately 07:09 AM. It shook the house hard, but fortunately this was more of a jelly bowl like wave type of shaking and we sustained no visible damage here at my house. It was a very high displacement movement type of shake so I did run out into the garage to make certain my 70 GTO didn't get moved into the walls. It was moved only slightly, about an inch, in the Southward direction and didn't hit anything thank goodness. I am located in West Bountiful about 10 miles away from the epicenter of the temblor that was located in Magna. I believe @Daddyjtis located out in Magna and I hope he and his are all okay out there. But my family and I are all in good shape here and preparing for the aftershocks of which we've had more than 33 as of this writing on 03/18/2020 11:12AM. Your fellow Carverite, Turbo
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    My first interaction with Bob Carver was through an auction site listing for one of his prototype-design vacuum tube amps for sale. At first I couldn't believe that it was really him, sending some of his novel (and historic!) audio creations off into the wild before the rest of mankind could even buy it off the shelf. But it was indeed true, it was the man. It seemed bold and exciting, traits that I would soon learn Bob has in great supply. The auction was accompanied by one of the best question and answer pages and DEEP-DIVES into the very nature of sound, psycho-acoustics and how distortions come into the real world...and it blew my mind. Someone from this site contacted me recently about that very auction and I learned through him that he had captured these incredible Q &A sessions for all posterity (thank you weitrhino!). It was amazing how much information was conveyed in those Q&A/auctions and Bob never, ever refused a single question and even supplied schematics for several of his designs that were currently in development. I'm still in touch with Bob on occasion but wonder how many members have had the opportunity of interacting with him as well. Bob even gave me pointers on some tube mono-amps that I was constructing at the time and told me that my grounding method needed some improvements...and when I made the mods the 20 kHz oscillations I was experiencing went completely away. Ok enough for now. I was told by weitrhino that the manual for the prototype amp may be added to this site if there is any member interest in it. I'm just happy to be here.
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    This is my beloved Carver Receiver 2000 that I bought new in 1986. It is still on perfect condition. Not a scratch. Only listen to vinyl - mostly jazz and vocals and rock sometimes. Seems to match up to my Thiel CS2's pretty well.
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    Being away from family 3+ months has been difficult, to say the least. Perhaps the best thing I am taking home with me is my new-found friendship with Tim and his family. I think I spent 4 evenings with Tim and his family since I’ve been here, and they are certainly what I will miss the most when I go home. On my first visit, we listened to Tim’s system (details in this thread https://thecarversite.com/topic/20284-tim-and-mark-meet-up-part-ii-the-sequel/?tab=comments#comment-220577 ). Some of you may recall that Tim was in my neck of the woods a few months ago, and at the conclusion of our “speaker shoot-out”, the pretty clear winner was the NHT 2.5i. Tim was impressed enough with this little speaker, that he bought a pair when he returned home – his pair came with a pair of the bookie version, the 1.5i. Anyway, after hooking his pair up, Tim was underwhelmed, to say the least. During our listening session, they sounded quite good, but not quite… well, just not quite. Where it gets weird, is that the only way they souded good was with the Yamaha receiver’s room correction software engaged. Without, they were just plain awful. This led me to believe (rather strongly, I might add) that the Yamaha receiver was messing up the works. I suggested Tim (or Tim and I on a future visit) simplify the signal chain, and go disc player to C1 to (now) Silver 9t amps, to speakers. Yes, the Yamaha was definitely the problem. It is also wort noting that in the configuration with the Yamaha, the meters on the 500t mkII, TFM 45, and even Silver 9ts were banging into the 80%+ range, and decent, but not concert level volume. More on this in a minute. Fast forward to last Sunday. I arrived for a wonderful steak dinner (Thank you again, Tim!), but before dinner, Tim says he’s done the C1 swap with the Yamaha, and wants me to listen. I asked if he’d listened, and he said yes, but he didn’t want to color my opinion. So he puts in the Rumors DVD Audio and hits play. 1.5 seconds in, I turn to him and say “Nope”. Sounds terrible. Hmmm. So now we start the isolation process. Speaker wire (bi-wire) check out fine. L-R checks out. I put my ear to a tweeter – check. But wait – the 6.5” midbass is not putting out much volume. Correction – it’s not putting out ANY volume. Neither is the other channel. Blown 6.5” drivers, but not seized, and no tell-tale scratch with cone movement. Just dead. So now the pieces start coming together – The Yamaha was actually compensating for the missing output from the 6.5” drivers, and to my utter amazement, making the speakers sound pretty ok. Amazing. So we pull the drivers, do the 9v battery test, and nothing. I check, and they are Peerless drivers, no longer in production, and none available. Shit. About now, its getting time to start dinner, and on the way downstairs, Tim shows me his daughters system – C1, TFM15 and….. The NHT 1.5i, that just happen to have…… You guessed it, the very 6.5” drivers we need. SCORE! Sorry little one, daddy needs to harvest your drivers. We do the surgery, and viola – the speakers sound magical, and I mean MAGICAL! And the meters on the amps now barely move… A couple takeaways here – I am still stunned at the power of the Yamaha room correction to overcome the issue with the drivers. Also, any ideas on why the amps were working so hard with the mids blown? Or was it most likely just a trick on the meter circuitry, and the amps really weren’t working that hard?
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    If you are reading this you likely have multiple experiences with the scenario. A person you may know or may be meeting for the first time visits your home. They likely notice at some point that you enjoy music and conversation around the stereo system is likely to begin. You turn the system on at a reasonable volume level and probably answer questions about the various parts and pieces. They tend to ask more regarding the speakers, especially if they don't look like traditional box speakers. (SDA SRS 1.2TL's) At some point you likely explain about power - how music can be incredibly visceral, emotionally charged when played at higher levels - without noise or distortion. Your new audience is all in - they want to experience this for themselves. They ask you to play something to demonstrate what you are talking about. What do you grab and throw into the Oppo ? Explain why - is it the overall score? A song with a "special" drum solo, lead guitar, bass line, piano solo, etc. that really stands out? A song that vividly demonstrates huge presence, wide range and distinct subtleties? A particularly impressive vocal performance? I'll start - and I didn't even select the song this time. A friend brought his new lady friend over, with the express purpose of letting her hear my system. She was a bit on the "stereos are the same" wagon and he wanted me to show her how different one could sound from another. The stereo was already on when they arrived and I was trying to end a work call so they had 15 minutes or so sitting in front of it while I completed my work day. After we talked for a few minutes I asked her what types of music she preferred. Soft rock, classic rock, some jazz, easy listening. OK. She then says “On the way here we caught the end of a song. That “I’ll be right here waiting for you” song. I like that one – can you play it?” For those not familiar, the song she was referring to is “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. It was a reasonably good recording job in 1989. The song starts with an electronic keyboard score, followed by a very distinct medley on the piano. A bass movement is then brought in that is very expansive sounding. Throughout the song there are very striking bass notes, keyboard tones, etc. that jump out at you when played on a quality system. His lyrics are very clear and there is a nice acoustic guitar solo in the middle as well. To be honest I had not really given it much thought before but it is a great demo song. I played it at the same volume as when they came in and she said that it sounded “good”. I asked her to sit in the sweet spot. I asked if she was OK with it played loud? She said sure, I love it loud. I re-queued it, set the volume at 2:00 o’clock and hit play. The look on her face was priceless. She kept looking over her shoulders and she asked afterwards where the side speakers were? We talked for a bit and she asked how could it be so loud but it didn’t hurt her ears and it was perfectly clear? I smiled and said “Thank you Bob Carver and Matthew Polk”. I gave her the tablet and let her play whatever she wanted. I had a good time hearing quite a few songs I hadn't heard in quite some time. I'm going to let other people drive more often. I tend to play what I like and am familiar with - leaving a huge portion of music in my library unheard. Not any longer...
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    I purchased a black faceplate for my C-1 so that it matches my TFM amps and other Carver gear. So I have a pretty nice C-1 faceplate I no longer need. I wanted to see if anyone has a use for it. If so, just cover the shipping costs from the Seattle area. If multiple people have an interest I’ll draw a name at random. I’ll close the submission on noon PT this coming Saturday. Picture attached.
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    I have seen one definite benefit from this COVID-19 nonsense: People are working from home. This will help change the business mindset for a lot of "old school" managers. At my previous job the VP I reported to was always making comments about how people needed to be in the office so they could focus on work. He would always add "I know you are different" because I worked from home. (Some of you remember that I was in limbo for 24 months because I packed my house to move to Birmingham for this VP. Luckily I landed another job and I never had to move.) I was in his office one day and I said "Let's take a walk." We walked around the large office, a mixture of private offices on the perimeter of the building and massive cubicle farms on the interior, with two large break rooms, a mail room and a "common area". As we walked around I asked him to note how many people were gathered in all of these areas. There were two or more people in most of the offices and people gathered about in all other areas. As we walked the floor plenty of folks saw us coming and broke away from their gathering, hurrying to their desk. I asked him "Do you think ALL of these conversations are business related?" He said it's easy to see that isn't the case. I asked him how many of these people were married or in a relationship? He said most of the folks were, except for a batch of young, single guys fresh out of college. I asked him how many of the folks that were married or in relationships had spouses who were not employed? He conceded that most spouses / significant others were likely employed. I asked him if he decided to work from home if his wife sat in his home office and bothered him all day? He laughed and said she knew better. I asked him - so if all of these people worked from home and were alone for the most of the day, how many would be gathered in the break rooms, around each others desks, etc. socializing instead of working? He said I see your point but they could be watching TV, playing X-Box, etc. I asked him if he trusted his management team? He said of course - you guys run the business. I asked him if he thought that I did a good job with staffing levels, work load completion, etc. He said of course - if you didn't I'd get rid of you and get someone who would. I asked him how any of my team could possibly be watching X-Box or TV if I was giving them assignments and they were getting them completed on time and within budget? Wasn't it my responsibility to ensure that the team's productivity was maintained and if I noticed someone slipping I would investigate and resolve it? Even with that lengthy description of events, he still clung to the "you need to be in the office" mindset. I left that job of 34 years on July 23, 2018. In my new role I manage a team of 11 design engineers - ALL of them work from their homes, as do I. We use various technologies to stay in contact and collaborate and I speak to every team member at least twice a week, even if only to BS for a few minutes. We are more productive than the team I managed in the previous role. As a rule we seem to be a happier bunch as well. Fast forward to the COVID-19 madness... I have maintained contact with my former VP. We were friends for many years as we both grew our careers. I spoke to him last week and he related that they had outfitted their employees with headsets, dual monitors and docking stations for use at their homes. He was concerned that everyone was going to be at home instead of the office where "we could keep an eye on them." I asked if their work was getting done? He responded with a hesitant "Yeah, but I'm still not sure how this is going to work long-term." I asked him how much the 5th floor he leased in the fancy office building cost per month, including utilities. He said it was over $50,000. I asked him if he thought employees just might be happier and more productive without having to drive to and from the office each day? He said he was sure they were happier because of the traffic everyone endured getting to the office, especially with Interstate construction that had been going on for several years. I personally believe we are seeing the tip of the iceberg related to the spread of this virus, which will likely lead to things being shut down or restricted for longer than the next two or three weeks. I plan on calling him again as this unfolds and see if his 1960's mentality regarding home workers is starting to change?
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    Hey guys - thank you for all the concern! My family is all safe, and aside from a few Sheetrock cracks and broken pictures and nicnacks, the house fared ok. I am still in CA for another week, but a very fast 9 hour drive home if shit gets real. Who ever woulda thought you go to California to be SAFE from an earthquake?!
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    One more factor to consider in comparing the Spanish flu with Covid-19 (I avoid "C-19" as a name..., that is too fine a PreAmp to be confused... - like Corona Beer...) The two factors: 1. The Internet. In 1918, it wasn't there to "inform" people, so today we are more informed, with many more sources of information. And 2. The Internet. In 1918, it wasn't there to "MISS-inform" people, so today we are also more miss-informed as a general population unable to filter fact from fiction/hype. ...just sayin'.
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    Look, I know this is a serious issue and so my experience in talking with people about it, especially on forums, is that people tend to defer to 'worse case scenario' sympathy and even fear because it absolves them from the guilt of not taking it seriously enough when there is news of suffering and death. This is understandable, emotionally, but when considering the fact that people die everyday from a multitude of causes, the corona virus outbreak is pretty small in comparison. It's just that we're all paying attention to it, and so it is a very dramatic and upsetting. I've been accused of 'downplaying' the issue simply because I am advocating for wellness and immune system education. I'm uncertain what people actually expect then. What should we be saying and doing to satisfy the sympathy for this situation? People are getting really upset because they can't be tested right now, or because they feel scared going to work with lots of other people around who may or may not be infected. But we all have to understand something - there aren't enough test kits to test everyone, and we cannot just halt our lives because of this or we will make it into a much worse disaster. So the potential for over-reacting is very high and very problematic. In fact, over-reacting is dangerous. If healthy people are admitting themselves because they have cold symptoms that takes very limited resources away from the vulnerable, who need all the care we can give them. Flooding our healthcare network with infectious people who can otherwise recover at home would make this problem a total catastrophe. We need to protect our doctors and nurses - only extreme cases should ever make it into a hospital building. This is part of the reason I am advocating wellness and care taking. learn how to care for others if they get sick. You might not have a choice if hospitals get over-loaded by panicked people. It doesn't matter if you go to the hospital, or get tested, or stay home for the next 3 months. In the end, only your immune system will save you. That is an absolute matter of fact. If you get severely sick and are being treated for symptoms, you will still die if your immune system is not healthy enough to stop the infection. Doctors have nothing that can mitigate this virus once it gets inside of you - no different than the flu. This is primarily why people are dying. It's their time. There is no 'cure' for a virus infection, and viruses thrive in unhealthy tissue. That's their job. It is nature doing nature things. The infection has a very high recovery rate, and infections that don't require hospitalization are well above 80%. That means the human immune system, in principle, can identify and kill the virus on its own. This means it's nothing like Ebola or Tetanus, which have fatality rates above 50% and hospitalization above 70%. Nevertheless, when considering the entire world, a 1% fatality rate looks horrible. That means if 1 million people get infected, 10,000 people will likely die. The number are alarming, but this is a force of nature...it happens everyday on this planet from a variety of diseases. We need to put this in perspective: 27,000 people die every day from cancer (75% are lifestyle related, smoking, diet, weight, etc) 25,000 people die every day from starvation 1,800 Americans die every day from heart disease 40,000 Americans die each year on average from suicide 30,000 - 70,000 Americans die each year from the flu 20,000 Americans die each year from homicide The corona outbreak is serious, there is no question. But it is not the end of civilization. If you are healthy and take reasonable precautions, you'll be fine (there are exceptions, for even the flu can sometimes kill a young healthy person). If you're vulnerable because you're on meds, have auto-immune disease, over 70 years old, or are unhealthy - you're at high risk. But, you're always at high risk, whether the corona virus gets you or not. And that's part of the controversy - we're all paying attention to the corona virus and counting every single death and it looks like a catastrophe...but in reality, it's only a glimpse of what actually happens to people everyday from a variety of problems.
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    Hello to all from Lansing Michigan. Thank you for excepting me into the community of Carver. I bought my first integrated Carver in1988 and never parted from it. I am hoping to get my MXR-150 updated soon so I can relive my early rocking habits.
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    Bruce (Rockster2U) had built a few custom cabinets for my gear noted in this post: Custom Cabinets He built a few extra units which he has offered on eBay - someone should really acquire them! The TX-2 was much deeper than the C-1 and he sent me a third cabinet to accommodate the tuner. I recently refreshed a CT Seven and thought what the hell:
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    Exactly 6 years ago today I held a Karma for some MKII badging for our Carver Amps. As I plan to have my latest M-500(t) MKII modded I decided to get these done again with Craig at Benton Trophy. The only two differences from 6 years ago is that I have more badges to offer and I only had the 1x1's made, plus an experimental BLACK ON GOLD. I will have 5 winners chosen via the Random Number Thingimabob, on the 20th of March so GOOD Luck. I would like to keep this open to current MKII owners or members who are planning MKII mods within the next year.
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    Hello all and thanks for a wonderful Carver resource. I've been wanting a Carver system for many years and recently had the opportunity to purchase a very nice suite of equipment. My local repair shop and second hand dealer had this set. A friend of mine went in to pick up some things that he had had repaired and mentioned that there was a complete Carver set. I called the next day and picked it up the day after that. I am now the proud owner of a TX-11 tuner, C-4000t preamp and M-1.5t amplifier. I'm using them to drive a set of Polk SDA 2 speakers, and how wonderful does it all perform! First audition was yesterday afternoon. More to follow.
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    The Unicorns have been rounded up and organized. All Sunfire manuals and schematics are now available on the site. No whining allowed, a better access mechanism is in the pipeline, but at least you can get to them. Many thanks to Dennis Miller, Dominic Zumbini and a very generous fellow named Rolando. Without them, our Unicorns may have been lost or hopelessly scrambled. Where are they you may ask? And before you ask, that's right. You gotta select the Carver Equipment Database to get to the Sunfire Manuals. And at the bottom of the Carver Manuals page is a tab labeled Sunfire. Click that for all the Owners Manuals and Schematics we could find. There is still lots of sales material and spec sheets that will come along some day.
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    My personal take is I would only be interested in the C1. The M0.5t is 140 wpc into 8 ohms which is one of Carvers lower powered amps. I would keep in mind what speakers you'd plan to drive with it along with your taste in volume level when making your decision. The Phase Linear preamp and power amp are sort of collectors pieces.
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    I agree with you. And more benefits to mention: The macro-economic benefits, strain/wear on infrastructure, burning of hydrocarbons for commuting, effect on the environment, and so on. And microeconomic benefits that no longer commuting will bump everyone's total comp reducing cost of fuel..., and more. And quality of life for workers, being home with family more, seeing kids events, participating in local life, and so on. There are some hurdles. The challenge some organizations may have is how to prevent/stop the knee-jerk fear that drives micro-management. Managers need some training both in the art of managing this way, as well as working through the transition in culture, as your experience points out. I'm with you on your observation..., but my recent experience as I get older, and work for younger managers is that there continues to be a deficit in remote management skills among many (not all) to be able to lead this way. Interesting recent observation from "webinarists" (a new species of internet "teacher" [comment omitted]). Many of the business/management/leadership webinars (that I get invites in my inbox to in the last few weeks) have shifted to topics on "60 Minutes to Master Managing Remote Teams. Register Now $100." I'm not sure that this culture shift can be taught to old-school managers in 60 minutes for $100. Quick look at the "webinarist" shows weak or no management experience or other credential. Irony or?
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    I have 3.... in pretty decent shape.....If no one needs any of them, will donate to the parts dept..
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    Time to pick a recipient! According to the random number generator, I have 92 as the winning number; Andrew John should pick some lotto numbers as he hit it dead on the money... Congratulations AJ!!! When you have a chance, PM me your addy so I can get this out in the mail....
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    All I can say is DAMN. Walmart--no eggs, no bread, no toilet paper, no chlorine bleach, no rice, no beans, no potatoes, no cheese, no hamburger--but I did find a nice small brisket. 2 other grocery stores, same scenario. I guess it matters little. After the market meltdowns, I don't have any money anyway. I just went to watch the sumo wrestling over the last packages of toilet paper. Now I have a very small inkling of what life was like in the USSR during 60s, 70s, 80s. What my grandparents went through with war rationing. A very small inkling, and there's just one conclusion. My generation and I are not near as resourceful or near as tough as the Greatest Generation.
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    @Turbo Daddyjt and I both live in Syracuse and yes it rocked us pretty good as well. Same for me, with no visible damage and we are all good and safe.
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    I have a couple C1s with the notched faceplate - I would love this one to replace one of those. If this comes my way, I’ll offer something up for karma to keep the wheels balanced...
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    Old topic ... and I did clean my bench a bit .... working at home for a few days and a bit bored ......... About 18 months ago I took apart a m1.0t with the intention of doing a mkII opt002. First time I opened a Carver amp or preamp. I had a soldering iron, meter, scope, hand tools, ipod, and a set of 3.5" cube speakers (one shown in pic for reference). The mod was successful but the bench was insufficient. It's evolved a bit: variac and current clamp are mandatory, A/B amp switch, a rack with preamp and various sources has been added. Speakers changed, first to a small set of bookshelf .... then to a large set of bookshelf (yes - the JBL4311 was considered a bookshelf speaker in it's day... about 50lbs each). I know the JBL are giant, but they don't affect my work space. They are efficient and close to my ears. If an amp is sufficiently quiet with this setup, it will be quiet in just about any setup. Components are poorly organized in the boxes under the bench ..... need to resolve that but otherwise it's a good working space.
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    and now for something completely different..... I think the movie was Food inc. (my memory is shit btw) and a family farmer was talking about differences between family and industrial farmming. He said something like 'as soon as you start thinking of the animals as resources (raw materials) you start thinking about ways to minimize your costs rather than ways to cultivate the creature' So, viruses......necessary evolution driver.......yes, but these things happening lately are a different breed. Many many many , many years ago, humans learned not to shit where they eat, and probably soon after markets started up, humans learned to care for livestock that was to be for sale. Now, with industrial level farming, the animals are in cages stacked above each other, and treated like resources rather than creatures. The bats at the top of the heap shit down onto the chickens, which shit on the turtles, etc. It's the cross species contamination that's magnitudes greater than any 'normal' viral load. e.g. swine flu. not deadly to swine, as many have mentioned here, viri exist for a reason. The problem comes when one animal's desease is passed on to another species. a virus doesn't intend to kill its host, but when it infects another species, and hasn't adapted to that specie's metabolism yet, it can be very deadly by accident. Most deaths are actually from extreme immune responses from the host (lungs filling with fluid trying to save the host but drowning it, etc.). It takes a bit for the virus to mutate into a version that will not kill this new environment off.
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    Quick update... I contacted SEA and made a deal. I have both a TFM-42 and a C-1 coming my way. I'm good for now. None the less if anyone sees a good deal, I could find use for a 3rd -42... This is becoming an obsession!
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    @edneck knowing your interests I thought you'd enjoy seeing this photo of one of my recently restored systems.
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    Honestly, it's good to see people making a little light of this. IMO the Media is being out right dangerous in their attempts to instigate panic. I don't think they're being lazy, they're being harmful. Studies have shown that stress weakens the immune system. If they cared about this situation in any slim capacity, they would be doing their best to calm people and inform them of the facts. All out fear shuts down your immune response. I wonder how many people are literally being scared to death when people in hazmat suits are surrounding them and telling them they have the corona virus disease. Even worse, when all they see on TV is body bags and and other dramatic pictures that aren't even corona virus event related (yes, the media does this). The propaganda is absolutely malevolent in its approach to the public. The virus is dangerous. But it isn't any more deadly than a bad flu. Fatality is trending to 1% and dropping as it spreads throughout the world. China's dismal 3.9% appears to be the worst fatality record in the world, and their numbers are dominating the statistics for now. The good news is that the spread is tapering off. Even though numbers are climbing higher, they're very, very gradual. This is a very good sign. Nevertheless, it will continue to spread, and after a year, it may be commonplace. Governments can only do so much, and I personally feel it is the epitome of arrogance that we have an expectation to control it when influenza cycles worldwide all year around. Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated. And please, don't worry. Be happy and confident. Your body can and will defeat this infection, and you won't need 8.3 billion in crony capitalism to help you.
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    Long time Member Now Retired - Time to Dust off my passion! I joined this group several years ago to try and bring myself current on the latest Carver Equipment trends. Now that I'm retired, I have plenty of time to devote to my longtime passion - High Quality Audio. Over the years I either purchased or was given various Carver Components dating back to the 70's, 80's and 90's. What I need help with is deciding what keep and what to put on the market for true Carver devotees. I currently have an "as built" M500-T Amp, (2) TFM-25 Amps, C-1 Preamp, C-4000 Preamp, TL-3300 CD Player, Carver Model Seven Preamp/Tuner, Carver Hologram Generator, A dbx unit whose Model I've forgotten some of which will power a Mint Set of 1979 JBL 4311's. My question is Which Amps are better/worth keeping and what, if any, upgrades would they need (I like the M500t) but would like your input. Which Pre-Amp? The C-1 (no upgrades but spotless) Same with the C-4000 and which one would compliment the M500t. As far as a Tuner, which Model Carver Tuner would play best the with whichever components you think I should keep. I forget the Model Seven which is open for trade or recommendation. My issue is, pretty sure which Amp and Speakers I'm keeping - Nothing is set in stone except the JBL's - Love those things. I purchased most, if not all of this gear at the Camp Butler PX on Okinawa. I was up the hill at Futenma - yeah, I was a Rotor Head. So, if any of you Gentlemen Carverites wouldn't mind helping out a tired, broken-down, worn-out Retired Old Jarhead, I will be forever in your debt!
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    I ran across this today on Netflix, ZZ Top, That Little 'Ol Band From Texas. It was 90 minutes of history from their first album to 2019 with lots of interviews with the members, Bill Hamm, and Billy Bob Thornton. It's their history, told by them in their words. I've been a ZZ Top fan since 1973 when I first heard Tres Hombres.
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    The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) delivers once again... https://www.universetoday.com/145441/another-incredible-picture-of-mars-this-time-from-a-region-just-outside-valles-marineris/
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    Bears repeating if it's already been said, but a lot of folk are getting drafted into doing home deliveries for their employers - one of those, if you wanna get paid, this is what we got kinda thangs. Be aware that under normal circumstances, a lot of auto insurance companies WILL NOT COVER any losses sustained when using your private vehicle for business related activities! DO check with your agent first!
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    The faceplate goes to John Wick aka @Daddyjt PM me with the mailing address and I'll get it sent out first thing Monday.
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    … like a virus, OCCD just got me. Put in a 14 hour day (working from home is no picnic...) and crashed mid evening, yesterday. I would not have slept knowing this blessing. Charlie, you are a gem to have here. I don't know what to say but Thank You.
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    When they get back to their towns the people at risk for death will be the elderly, sick, obese and smokers. (as they are for every circulating bug) Most everyone else will get the flu to some degree and then enjoy lifetime immunity to Covid-19. For the elderly it is part of getting old, for the others, most are bad lifestyle choices. Wuhan population 11 million. Ball park for a circulating flu virus is 20% of the population, say 2 million. 3,200 people have died from Covid-19 in Wuhan. MSM says 80,000 of those with severe flu symptoms have tested positive for Covid-19 in Wuhan. Panic Americans by reporting a 4% death rate in Wuhan. But if 2 million people have Covid-19 and 3,200 died then the death rate is .16, which is sad but no need to panic people. (this is an estimate, you would have to test a large sample of Wuhan residents to verify this) (My goal is to keep my health and immune system working at peak efficiency via natural means. I don't go looking for bugs, but every cold or flu I contract I welcome as exercise for my immune system (even though I am miserable). Much like pumping iron exercises my muscles.)
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    Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but isn't that always the case? This disturbs me far more than any media frenzy concerning a virus, and also begs the question as to why there is no media frenzy about this: How Many Children Die Each Year From Child Abuse and Neglect? According to data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), 50 States reported a total of 1,688 fatalities.2 Based on these data, a nationally estimated 1,720 children died from abuse or neglect in FFY 2017, a slight decrease from the FFY 2016 number of 1,750. However, it is 11 percent more than 2013. This translates to a rate of 2.32 children per 100,000 children in the general population and an average of nearly five children dying every day from abuse or neglect. NCANDS defines “child fatality” as the death of a child caused by an injury resulting from abuse or neglect or where abuse or neglect was a contributing factor. Source: https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubPDFs/fatality.pdf
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    Music is so therapeutic. Just enjoying a warm Summer day, light breeze, low humidity, birds singing, cold soda, music drifting on the breeze, and the sun shining on my face. A place, a certain make and model of car, a smell, the tone of light, a warm temprature combined with the others can all trigger a memory of a song you heard at an impressionable time. Or vice versa a song you hear today can bring that all flooding back. I have a few but I'll start with this one. What songs do that for you? What memory does it evoke (if you can or want to share it)? Summers spent at a friends uncle's farm working on old Mopars... Music is so therapeutic. Just enjoying a warm Summer day, light breeze, low humidity, birds singing, cold soda, music drifting on breeze, and the sun shining on my face... WD
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    The Carversite is primarily a community. We want a safe and pleasurable site for all that want to participate here. We do allow buying, selling, and trading in the Trading Post area. Listed below are some common sense guidelines for use of the Trading Post. To use this area, you must have reached Novice status. Inbounds can read but not post to this category. The Carversite Administrators, Moderators, and Staff are not responsible for your private transactions. The Carversite is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction of any kind. Caveat emptor! If you list something for sale, please post pictures and describe the condition in as much detail as possible. If you list something for sale, be honorable and stand behind it. If you sell something to another novice or member, make sure that it's packed properly to minimize the chances of shipping damage. If in doubt, ask questions. It is your responsibility as a seller to do everything in your power to ensure the package is delivered safely. Pictures of the packaging process will help get the item reimbursed if there is shipping damage. Don't be afraid to take too many pictures. If you buy something from another novice or member, be reasonable. If there's a problem, contact the other party privately, and give them a chance to make it right. Again, be reasonable, and do not expect perfect pieces for throw away prices. Do not bash each other in the forums. This will result in sandboxing of both parties. Novices can buy, sell, and trade here: https://thecarversite.com/forum/50-novices-gear-fswtb/ Members can buy, sell, and trade from the Novices area and here https://thecarversite.com/forum/17-members-gear-fswtb/ Any evidence of wrongdoing submitted to the Staff will result in Sandboxing, and then a permanent ban if necessary.
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    Offered up for FREE! I'll even pay shipping to the continental US. Just say you are in. I'll pull names out of a hat sometime Sunday March 15 (the Ides of March!!) I picked this up a few years back as a curiosity. It actually synthesizes sub harmonics of bass notes. So... If you have a 100Hz bass note, this thing will build 50Hz and 25Hz tones and mix them into the music (maybe even 12.5Hz). Amazingly good effects on poor recordings. Amazingly bad on good ones. Fun to play with, but it's time to move it on. I've looked high and low for a manual, but can't find one.
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    Here are some pics... This is the condition as purchased - I bought it and stuck it on my shelf. There is a bag attached to the bottom of the unit that contains the screws. The cover was held on with tape when I picked it up. On the plus side, the covers are real straight and the marking is intact. On the negative side, they're real dirty - not sure how well they'll clean up.
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    I have a parts unit. Its not in great shape (I'll attach pictiures later today). I paid $35 fot it and would like to recover that cost. Plus there will be shipping from the Seattle area. Let me know if you are interested in this unit. I bought the unit off Craigslist last month. One channel was out. I picked it up to see if I could fix it, but really that project is way down on my list. The another aspect is once its working I don't have a need for it - it was purchased just as a hobby project.
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    I'm with you on this, @Daddyjt I over-generalized, probably to make a point, and the experience I have at the moment..., thanks for calling me out on that. Like you, I have been in management, (line, middle, upper and c-level) most of my career (35 years+), and in my own experience, I've been the minority, rolling up my sleeves, over communicating, showing up, working side by side, and maintaining the mentality that I would never ask someone to do something I was not willing and able to do along side them - whenever possible. I've found I've learned much, and accelerated innovation more often that way - a benefit to all levels. But, recently, I've experienced much the opposite. Example: I started to develop a COVID-19 response plan in early February..., and it was not well received. Frankly, I was laughed at, especially in terms of considering our employees health, and what we could do to mitigate risk, while maintaining productivity in the event things got worse (remember, this was very early February). I was told to forget about it, not our problem, we don't care, will never happen..., then, this last week, it was like Priority One, I won't go into details, but the experience extended well beyond the walls, to many other institutions and companies. Yes, of course, everyone's experience is different. Glad to hear you are one of the good guys in management!
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    Hi. EdNeck here. I'm trying to find a pair of these crossovers for my 48" planars. I'm in Canada and unfortunately the sellers of the three pairs I had found in the U.S. that were being parted out would not ship to Canada. I know they're fairly complex with notch filters and such and really only need the part of the crossover that controls the planar. The bass is already taken care of. As a matter of fact, I only need to control them from the lowest limit of the driver +/-150hz to the one of the notch filters of 6200hz or 12,500hz(I may be quoting the 60" here) being that I will also be putting tweeters in with these. Any help or recommendations would be welcomed. Thank you for any input.
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    1. Fleetwood Mac Rumors on DVD Audio, The Chain. I have never heard a recording that better puts you right in the studio with the band. The clarity, separation and soundstage are superb. 2. Telarc’s Time Warp, Battlestar Galactica Main Theme. The bass on this track is so deep, and hits so hard - the disc actually has a warning on it for this very reason - it’s been known to damage speakers. 3. The Eagles Hell Freezes Over DTS, Seven Bridges Road. Probably the best live recording I’ve heard. The harmonization of the voices is pure magic. 4. Skryllix Recess, Fu*k That. For flat-out pound you in the chest bass, this track just plain scares people, especially with the DD18. 5. Alison Krauss A Hundred Miles Or More, Whisky Lullaby. Spectacular recording, tear-jerking lyrics, and intoxicating presence and clarity.
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    @AndrewJohn Here's a picture of one of my recently restored systems:
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    It is - D1200 ... just for fun I swapped the green leds for blue. The other is a HK 770 Two projects that I completed ... not the best pic
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    There will always be medicine for the masses but its MUSIC that heals this broken soul.
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    Thanks for the explanations of the member levels and introductions of admins and moderator. Looks like a very organized group here and happy to join in. I will definitely be seeking people that are willing to work on my equipment for me so thanks for the tech intros also.
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