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    This scene two weeks ago at a thrift store/junk recycler reminded me of Gary's passion for bikes, both motorized & pedaled, but I hesitated to post in Favorite Pictures, missing the chance to share it with him. My deepest condolences to his friends, family & loved ones.
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    With the recent acquisition of my digital Rigol o-scope, it's time to move my trusty Tektronix along to a new home. The display does jump a bit as the dials are turned, but not so bad as I ever felt the need to go in and De-Oxit the pots... I will ship the unit with a power cord, but I'm hanging on to my leads, so you'll need to get a set of those. In order to be "in", you have to be activly doing electronics work, and I would prefer to award this to an aspiring tech. I would also prefer 100 posts, but if you're on the wrong side of that number, PM me...:-) I will do the drawing on November 1st.
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    Having moved, the system was setup in a convenient, preliminary location but today’s rain is a stay inside reason to rearrange the components. All is the same with the exception of a U-Turn Orbit TT with Grado Black1 cartridge. Thanks for checking.
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    The public is not blocked from access to the Home Page links. You need to have member status (200 posts) to access the Equipment 'database'. I've not changed Rich's intentions at all.
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    Are you using a pop-up blocker? Safari also works fine! That might cause a problem, but the link doesn't change domains within the frame, so that should skeet by pop blockers.
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    I logged off and was able to access manuals on my win7 pc, chrome browser
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    I was just finishing up a 500t mkII for a very good friend, when I heard the news of Gary's passing. I added the text in gray below, to the normal info I attach inside the top cover. It seemed right when I did it, and who knows - it may very well end up with one of us someday.... Here's the amp finishing up burn-in:
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