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    Rearranged my system today because I didn't care for the look of the cassette deck underneath the C-1. At the same time I decided to put the M1.5t back into action. Why? Oh, mainly because I can. Lol! The M500t will be back after a short hiatus. I really wanted to give the M1.5t some exercise and just see what it looks like again. Anyway, here is a photo: System July 9, 2016
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    This is a college project written and filmed by a friend of a friend from the theater group I was involved with. I play the lead role (Sylvester Morgan) and my theater buddies make up the rest of the cast and support crew. It was filmed in 1979 and was only recently completed and "published". ENJOY! FYI: Manicotti's house (seen at 16:15) is a well known Frank Loyd Wright prarie home in North Riverside, IL.
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    Fill, my trumpet playin' son loved that. His fav is Doc Severinsen. Btw, lately he has been playin' a TON of SPG after you introduced us to that.
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    That was great Dom. It was like an Firesign Theater "Nick Danger"episode. Good fun. Thanks for sharing.
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    No worries. Works great for very weak stations.
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    Thanks for the props gents. I've been involved in theater for more than 50 years and really enjoy it. In the early 60's my father was set construction manager for our church variety club. The club's director was Randy Avery whose family owned Barnes-Carothers New York Theatrical, a lighting and sound rental and theatrical support company. I went to grammar school with Randy's daughter who I had a crush on. She talked me into trying out for a small part in a play (On Borrowed Time) when I was 8 or 9 years old. The next year I sang and danced in Music Man followed by Oliver and My Fair Lady. I was too young for the next show (Bye Bye Birdie) so I transitioned to stage crew and lighting. (Note the vintage variac on top of the lighting board to my right.) I must have impressed Randy because he was always asking me to "help out" with non-variety club projects. For instance, Barnes-Carothers owned the Barnes Brothers travelling circus, so in my teens I ran "super-troopers" (carbon-arc spot lights) for their shows at the Chicago Stadium. I also worked on event support for the State Street Parade and ran the "Hollywoods" (carbon-arc lights that typically traverse the sky to attact attention) for the Calgary Stampede. I worked both sides on the curtain in high school (acted, sang, danced, built sets, designed lights, etc.) for musicals for 4 different schools where I met the guys and gals who eventually formed the Riverside Theater Guild. And that's where I met Wally Michka, Sylvester Morgan's writer/director/cinematographer. I still build theater sets, hang lights, and do assorted tech but it's been years since my last role on stage as Dr. Seward in Dracula...
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