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  1. Why has no one told me about badass pilot Douglas Bader? (15 Photos) By: Martin In: History, Interesting, Offbeat DislikedLiked! 6 hours ago 12849390 ShareShare+ View as Slideshow 1 There’s no sugar-coating it. If you were a pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) during the Battle of Britain in 1941, you were a certifiable badass. You’re up there, fighting Nazi’s at 348 miles per hour, thousands of feet up in the air, doing barrel rolls and serving as at the only thing that’s preventing the Nazi’s from bombing the hell out of the free world and takin
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  2. Not a Music personality, but a NPR Newsperson. I will miss her. Gwen Ifill, Host Of 'Washington Week', 'PBS Newshour', Dies
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  3. Such a unique style! Sad to see him go.
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