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  1. A great play choice David. "Passage" and "Past Light" was one the first CD's I bought.
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  2. And CarverSite wives everywhere react... I don't know how I missed this post!... Haha. True! My girlfriend just rolls her eyes and asks me not to tell her how much things cost. She knows I'm going to get something regardless. All she says is "It's your money".
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  3. And CarverSite wives everywhere react...
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  4. THIS may help. Send Retriever a PM and see if he can assist. Thanks LT! I seem to remember seeing this thread a while back, before I was a member here and before I even bought the TX-11a. It was back when I was researching tuners still. I'll send Retriever a message soon and see what he has to say. I need to get a move on selling some gear first though. Things are starting to pile up and need to make room for more Carver gear... Oh crap, did I just say that?!
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