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    Gone way too soon... No other band in history just flat out ROCKED like AC/DC. RIP sir. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/malcolm-young-dead-acdc-brother-angus-george-dies-death-cause-age-64-tributes-latest-a8062521.html
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    And so it occurs to me... in addition to being very absent from the site...I never posted a final pic of the Iroc! Here she is this past Saturday. Me and my buddy ('68 Skylark) about to head to a small car show. I'll get under the hood photos posted soon..
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    Congrats Travis. Hope you find a buyer soon.
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    Yes, yes, and yes. The company I work for just built a system for Biogen to brew a drug to remove the brain plaque from Alzheimer's patients. The drug has been approved in Europe, and is currently in the late stages of testing here in the US. Hopefully, this will be a game changer for the patients and their families.
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    My girlfriend who is NOT an audiophile can hear the vast improvement in vinyl! Barry
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    Assembly of motor.. As the process went along, I literally cleaned every bolt, nut, screw, and bracket! New oil pump, water pump, seals, etc. I did end up going to a much more aggressive cam which I will go into more detail on my next post.. I guess I should take a break here and get back to work! lol Chris
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    If you can imagine me doing such a thing, here are some pics of me ultrasonically cleaning engine components... Heads after about 30 minutes... Here is the block going for a ride! Head gasket residue is a booger! Block and heads went to the machine shop. Block was honed and new cam bearings installed. I had the head faces milled and new valves, valve seats, and springs installed.
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