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    Huh, well darn. G-Drive does say "share" and "anyone can view" but maybe that doesn't mean download. It's just an MP3. I generated a link again, and I'll go read to see if download is possible. I used to have a website that I put these things on, but don't have that anymore. New Link: (it does look diff, has "sharing" at the end of link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iZe9W3PKSP-Hq8yBhm03OZVtJepnVatQ/view?usp=sharing
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    Nice ride Dingman! My buddy and fellow gear head Mikie has been riding Treks since we were roommates in the mid-80's. He had 3 Treks the last time I saw him (2015), including a top of the line Madone 9.9. I still own and ride my 1978 Bianchi Axis crossover though oddly there are very few official bike trails here in Virginia. When I lived in Illinois I used to ride the local paved forest preserve trail every day (2 passes on a 12.3 mile loop). Most weekends I would ride the streets from Broadview to the Illinois Prairie Path in Forest Park (about 5 miles) and take that to the Fox River Trail (15 miles on compacted dirt). The paved loop from Aurora to St. Charles was about 40 miles but I often connected to the Great Western Trail which itself is part of the 575 mile long Grand Illinois Trail.
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    For the last few months, I've been spec'ing up a new bike. Ya, it takes that long, it's winter time and it's not a small purchase for me. But Trek, my manufacturer of choice (their engineering is way over the top) has recently added some new colors. Although I won't choose this color - I thought I'd throw it out there because of the association to much of the Carver equip. You already know what color it is, I bet. (I tried to change background color, couldn't - kinda ruins the effect)
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    Here in Iowa, we used to have a radio book club on Public Radio station. A long time reader was Doug Brown, who has now passed away. This is his reading of Charles Dickens - Christmas Carol. Of course you guys know the story, but this is an excellent reading of the book. It is in the public domain, so no copyright issues. We typically listen while cooking, wrapping presents - you know, Christmas Stuff. Really, it is entertaining, Doug Brown always did a good job. Share as much as you wish, and enjoy. Merry Christmas to all. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iZe9W3PKSP-Hq8yBhm03OZVtJepnVatQ/view?usp=sharing (this is a new location for the file, let me know if there any issues downloading).
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    Same here. Not found, error 404. Did you make the link public?
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    That is one heck of a loop - didn't know Illinois was one of the first. That photo does exaggerate the glow, it's LED, but I understand the point. They now turn the lights off at 10PM - not because of energy but because it became a late night destination, mostly for kids. So, the organized "midnight' rides we used to have to the trestle won't be happending anymore I think. And look what Trek just posted to Twitter - gee, they like Anthracite as well.
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    I find I listen to more jazz than I used to, also I have found how well some recordings are made, as opposed to some others...
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    That's cool bike Zu, Bianchi used to be big around here, not really sure what happened to them. I've ridden a bit in illinois, in the Chicago area, but didn't know about a 575 mile loop! Man, that sounds like quite a trip. Here in Iowa, we're trying to connect some trails for a long loop, not quite sure how long yet tho. One of the neatest things we've added recently, this was paid for by the railroad when they decommissioned on of their trestles - Iowa used to mine alot of coal, especially in this area, so the artist tried to create lights that when heading to\thru the trestle, it's supposed to simulate heading down a mineshaft. I can't really see that, but it is very cool and the trestle is like 110 feet over the riverbed, which adds to the coolness.
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    And once I get started on bikes, it's hard to stop me (ahem, like another topic that's to be avoided for me). My current bike is a "go fast" - I'm a small guy, with like so little fat it's unhealthy - so I've always been what they call in the biking world as a "weight weenie". The "go fast" is a 2015 Trek Emonda - currently coming in at 15.5 lbs (a gallon of milk is about 8 lbs). It's a dingin' sweet bike. Of course, I've modified it...
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    No dictionary results were found. Please try another search. See results for Bpressings on Reference.com For me, it's a little more retro. I've been doing more, and more better, vinyl. It's a two-track path. better hardware (turntable, cartridge) then better, and more better vinyl. Better pressings, Japan, European, varieties. I've pursued dbx encoded vinyl, superdisc and mofi recordings along with good standard pressings. Genres have always been eclectic since I was a kid - for example, digging Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man whether from ELP or NY Philharmonic.
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    Streaming has opened up a door for sure. I find in recent years acoustic instruments and vocals are more attractive then they used to be. Not sure if its a better system or age, but I see beauty in things I had no appreciation for when younger.
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    Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue Jodi Proznik Quartet - Foundations Vanessa Fernandez - Use Me Connie Evingson - Let it Be Jazz Grant Green - Idle Moments Eliane Elias - Dreamer Natalia M. King - Bluezzin till Dawn Melanie Di Biasio - A Stomach is Burning Mike Frost Band - Live at the Red Pepper
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