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    Barry’s audio setup https://imgur.com/a/nfORh I know I’ve been promising photos a while!
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    How about a multi-celebration karma? I have a birthday coming up: Newest member on the block: and a few more things that will come to mind later. This is open to members and novices alike. yup, the disc is there =) Once I know many are in, I'll draw a number after I get off work Monday. I work second shift, so it will be after midnight CST. Sk1Bum
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    Turn that volume down, navigate over to The New Yorker: Culture Desk for a sympathetic article on a familiar topic. Enjoy.
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    Congrats and welcome to the beginning of OCCD......grin
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    Nice system, thanks for the pictures. I am also a fan of the technics linear tracking TTS. I have a SL-7 with my original MC310, and a SL-10 with a nos cartridge that has very few hours on it.
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