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    As for physical media, I have been through them all over the years. Even 8-Track. My progression has always been towards improved convenience and portability. Hands down, CD's are my favorite physical media. Like Zumbini, I moved to CD's early on. CD's allowed me take music with me in the car or on foot (or on an airplane) with a walkman. I still buy CD's today to expand my library. Used CD's are cheap these days. But in today's modern times I have fully adopted streaming. For convenient access I have ripped all my CD's. All of my files are now managed on my laptop with iTunes and an Apple Music subscription. For portability I can carry my entire library with me on my modded 500GB iPod. The Apple Music subscription also gives me access to my library plus new releases on my phone or my iPad. Have I sacrificed "quality" for "convenience and portability"? Maybe. Probably. But I still "enjoy" the music and that's what it has always been about.
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    flac is just to easy love vinyl but play it less and less
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    Mainly digital, cd, dat, minidisc. But I like analog cassette too, prerecorded. Haven’t had time to clean and cut albums to tape yet. I want to because I like doing that.....grin
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    I bought a Yamaha CD-X1 in '83 when the price dipped below $500. I still have it--I think. I've not been in the attic for a while, but I don't recall getting rid of it.
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    Convenience is a definite factor for me. I have a Yamaha receiver that has a usb source in that I find so convenient. I use the pre-outs into a C-1 and then into an m500tmkii. Even though I think that I might do better with an outboard standalone DAC, it is so convenient to just use the receiver to decode. And I doubt that I could tell the difference in a blind ABX test. So mostly I find myself using the usb stick to listen to music. I listen to multi-channel as much as possible, but there is unfortunately so little content. PhilDent
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    When I sit down to "Listen", I prefer my analog (Albums) because of the sound. When I'm working, which is usually always, I go with the IPOD since I don't have to drop what I'm doing to switch. I don't even own a CD player but have a pile of CD's. Somebody gave me a NICE Sony Reel to Reel... What the hell should I do with that behemoth???
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    The C-1 I am just finishing up is for sale. I just need to install the Gundry Notch and she's ready to roll. Here is the link for the build. This one is Dead Quiet and has all the goodies including a lifetime warranty. PM me if interested. I also have a 4000t coming up for sale in a couple weeks. Perry
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    Welcome (again) !!! Circuits & Concepts is your best source for the cap upgrades for both of the series of amps.
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    Do you prefer an analog or digital music source? Why? For critical listening, I much prefer vinyl for the warmth, and for the sad fact that changing albums is about the most cardio exercise that I get anymore. For background music, I prefer digital most likely because I don't have a reel to reel.
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    Good luck with the C-4000 - you can be sure that the folks here will help get it restored for you. On a slightly separate topic, out of curiosity, how do you find the Nagaoka Mp100 cartridge?
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    I sold all of my vinyl;but, still have my b&o turntable. Have always liked cds. I, too, find them much more convenient.
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    I'm really enjoying streaming 24bit/192k from my NAS through my Onkyo into Carver C-1 these days. Just sounds incredible to my ears.
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    Bourne - Because I am also a reader. I really dig the Ludlum books. I also think Matt Damon did a good job in the movies. Did you forget "Jack Ryan"? Maybe not such a badass hero, but still a hero. One of Clancy's greatest characters. The Hunt for Red October (great book, excellent movie) I am looking forward to watching the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime. I have not heard the reviews yet. Fingers crossed. Thanks Mark. Good post.
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    Because Hollywood sucks big ones, my favorite can't be my favorite. Jack Reacher is supposed to be a 6' 5" blond haired, blue eyed, 260lb bad-ass. If you read the book series he is the epitome of a bad ass good guy. How the hell Tom Cruise got picked to play him is beyond me ? As South Park said, I'm still waiting for Tom Cruise to come out of the closet !!!
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    Let me guess...two very large quarter notes?
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    A rare play for me. Very hip-hop for the 80's. But I am getting into it. ??
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    No link to this album yet, but here's the first release from it: This album is outstanding, highly recommended for blues-funk-jazz knockout blonde loving aficionados.
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    Every once in a while, you just need to kick back with a little Jake and Elwood...
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    That was great BluesMan57! Reminds me of early Magnum. I say early because the song and the album below here was recorded in 1980 but released1982. The album Chase the dragon is the 3rd studio album of Magnum
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