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    Well, last weekend, I finally acquired the holy grail of EPI..., the rare and coveted M1000 towers. @elgrau has built a pair of these - they are that rare to find one pair of the 500 pairs that were made. Dimensions: 18x18x73 inches, 180lbs each. Originally, they cost $2000 a pair, back in the 70's. There are 4 10" drivers and 4 soft-dome oil-filled tweeters - paired on each side. I picked these up from a fellow EPI fan, who restored the original drivers and tweeters and rewired internally and rebuilt the crossovers. I'll do some cosmetic work, but considering their age, they have survived. These have never really been rated, but folklore says they can handle 250w RMS easily - I pushed them. They throw a lot of music all over the room, and you perceive to be in the middle of the stage. I have some more positioning work to do, and will likely put the Amazings in another location to further tune these. I will say they are much more forgiving in positioning, than the Carver Amazings are. And, I like them both... The Amazings and the EPI M1000's dwarf the Polk SDA-1C's (on the right edge of the picture). WAF factor - low. I said to Susan that I saved $5000 on the cost of a casket, I can be buried in one. Hah!
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    I have decided to thin out the inventory. Greg modified this unit July 10th, 2017. It sounds fantastic! I am including both the OEM and Black (MK2) faceplates. The only issue I had with unit was an occasional ground loop. It only "appeared" on certain outlets in my house. I am asking $550 (Paypal F&F) plus shipping.
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    This appeared when I stopped for fuel Saturday. 200001, an Old Odyssey. (My 2002 Honda Odyssey daily driver) Almost time for another timing belt & water pump replacement...
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    No ..... but ...... I needed a few parts from Mouser, and I have one more C-1 at home that I want to do at some point, so I just added the regulators and heat sinks to my order. Arrives next Monday. I have posted a few pics in the past, but when I get the parts, I plan to write it up with pics. Probably get to it some night next week. It's easiest to do it while doing the BillD mod, but can be added at anytime.
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    Dang dude! That's quite the toy room. Congrats on your latest acquision.
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    Congratulation on the find and acquisition AJ! Boy, that is one good looking system... Bet is sounds great too.
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    Congrats man - nothing like caging the unicorn! On a lighter note, your casket comment reminded me of this movie clip....
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    Colin Huggins is a pianist that takes his art to the streets in NYC (lugging a full grand piano to park site locations in NYC. On one special night, world renowned dancer Seanna Sharpe shows up and amplifies the music art into full-on performance art. At the end, you can tell they are just then figuring out who she really is. "Here, let me give you my card..." Collin's story is below the Seanna Sharpe video. If you have never laid under a grand piano, and listed to great playing..., I can tell you, it's a great experience. I have the piano, and great musician friends come over, and I'm the first to lay down under the sound board. This next video should be moving. More from Colin Huggins - Piano Player of Washington Square Park, NYC The undeniable affect on the souls of those listening comes through.
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    Garbage Why Do You Love Me
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    I was living in a small cabin made with ties from the Las Vegas and Tonapah Railroad when this was released in 1975. The blue heron that nested on the pond behind the cabin would sit on the porch steps rocking it's head from side to side every time I played it.
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    There are a number of eBay sellers claiming to sell MKII upgrades, some that do not follow the process. All of the recognized techs here follow the plan and do proper testing to verify. And they offer warranties. Hey Itch: So you'll be down to what? 45 of them now?
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    REAL GOOD DEAL...just the black faceplate is $100! Somebody jump on this...
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    That is a great deal! Just when I sell my amp and another good deal comes along.......?
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    That is a good deal on a real mkII amp.
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    Thanks for posting this, I had seen it listed but just went right on by it. I too never fully knew the extent of this melt down and how close it came to becoming a global disaster. What did the expert quote every 24 hrs. was the equivalent of 48 Hiroshima size bombs going off (2 per hr.), releasing that much radioactivity into the air. If you haven't watched it yet check it out...........
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    Whew! That was close. Thank you for saving from the grip of OCCD! ...I need another amp on the shelf. I’m sure of it...?
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    I'm no tech by any means, but I'm just wondering if this would be a suitable amplifier power supply cap. scroll down a bit.
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    I think you would would need 2 - one for each channel. Perhaps a third for the listener.
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    in the words of the voice in the PC game DOOM, "Impressive". Your system makes me feel like OCCD has barely infected me........grin. Nice find AJ! I felt like that getting my tube amp, will surely feel that way getting a Carver tube amp.......grin
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    Fabulous. Are the SDA1C's used as ladders to get to the TTs @AndrewJohn? JK. ?
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    There was a time that this site had full time enablers (Aslan, AR Jim, LT, Kev.... ) and someone would have been forced to buy it! I don't want to list it on eBay ... Just one 1.0t !... keeping it too see if I can shatter windows with some CV's !
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    God I hate being tempted like this. My only recourse is to somehow supercharge my A220! Capacitors, resistors and transistors, oh my!
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    A very belated welcome @allflehisequalwhenburnt - you have a great set-up (or should I say set-ups, as it seems to be a mix and match, based on the OCCD acquisition of the day?). Like others, I thought I knew what the addictive qualities of OCCD meant, but compared to you, I'm definitely not worthy. All I can say is:
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