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    Another one that doesn't seem to have quite the catalog of knowledge is SoundHound. I use it and Shazam. I find SoundHound to be better for me for how I use it - I capture music unknown to me and then, when I am shopping at McKay's I pull up the history and start looking. I know Shazam has the history as well but it has "stranded" me a few times at McKay's, leaving me unable to retrieve my history shopping list. If you guys get down to TN & NC be sure to take a shopping list and plenty of $$. They have new and used CDs, LPs, DVDs, SACD, etc. Most are used and priced from $.25 for "very scratched" to regular price for an in-demand, new or unusual release. FWIW - I have bought tons of the very scratched items and never had one not play. Most music is divided by genre and artist - except for the very scratched section. Those are just added to the shelves as they come in. It's a real easter egg hunt looking through them... The book selection and video selection is massive as well. It is easy to spend hours in the stores... http://www.mckaybooks.com/our-story
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    Somewhat "historical semi-fiction" is this one of my favorites..., Having lived in Houston, been on a few oil rigs, and worked in the Oil & Gas industry, I know people like this movie portrays. There Will Be Blood (2007) IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0469494/fullcredits Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and Starring Daniel Day Lewis, as Daniel Plainview with a very long list of unknowns. This Movie is an adaptation of Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel "Oil !" The story is about the early California Oil discoveries in the central valley as prospectors looked for get-rich and cutthroat activities to get rich "first" off the inevitable value that Oil was to have. There's some extreme story lines here that make one really realize that the over-romanticized elements of getting rich off the economic riches of the earth are not all that they are cracked up to be. D.D. Lewis is a silver miner, and strikes oil instead..., and the rest is about the way his life corrupts on his ruthless quest to screw everyone around him to get ahead. His life does not turn out well.
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    I enjoy history related movies, especially ones that shows our past and rights that have been restored. And not to be negligent in respect this one's on my list too.
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    My favorite directors are Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Weir, Francis Ford Coppola, Satyajit Ray, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ang Lee, Merchant and Ivory (and a few more...) . The Criterion Collection has some real gems.
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    I guess as I age I should get used to seeing these, but it doesn't mean I have to like it... ? RIP Rutger - great talent indeed. The Hitcher was an obscure movie he played a serial killer in. It was an intense, somewhat strange movie back in the day.
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    Nothing on that list that isn't, at least, good fun. No embarassment there! Totally cool! I had not seen it until fairly recently (within the last couple of years), so I looked it up. I watched the B&W version, first. It is still incredibly relevant and very well done! I still collapse into a fit of literal hysteria when I think about this one - something to do with the "toaster" in it. Took me ages to recover when it first came out.
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    Doubt this is off the beaten path? I know there was a recent remake, but I just don't think it could possibly compare. No desire to see it. I bought this movie on DVD about 12 years ago. I'd seen it several times over the years, but wanted to see it again. I used to watch a lot of movies with my kids, mostly Disney and the like. Youngest was probably about 10 at the time. They wanted to watch it so .... OK. They sat thru the entire movie - loved it .... it's 2.5 hours long.
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    Filter Take A Picture (HQ)
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    You’re doing it wrong....
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    I really enjoy the Tom Clancy based films (except Patriot Games - I don’t know why, but that one never did it for me). This clip from Clear and Present Danger was one of my go-to demos during my Laser Disc heydays... I loved Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny (and she was not hard to look at either!). So many great one-liners - “Whatta you, a fookin’ World traveler?” ”Yea, you blend...” ”My biological clock is tickin’ like this (stomping foot)!”
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    Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind Of Wonderful
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    That was such a great piece ..... "lost like tears in the rain"..... Rutger wrote that himself as he thought the original was too wordy...
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    Highly Suspect My Name Is Human (LIVE)
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    System of a Down Lonely Day
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    Another one I liked him in was The Osterman Weekend (1983).
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    He was very cool. Sin City Split Second Blind Fury Blade Runner RIP
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    Here I am, a day late & a dollar short - Belated Birthday Greetings none the less - hope you had a great one and are looking forward to many more.
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    I'm not a Huge Tom Cruise fan, but I did like Collateral, as noted above. And, with the new sequel coming out, I have to say I have watched the original more than a few times..., that is Top Gun. The audio effects through surround sound continue to be my go-to DVD for running my HD AV system through its paces. The list of actors in this movie back then..., wow. Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, Meg Ryan, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, John Stockwell, Barry Tubb, Rick Rossovich, Tim Robbins..., (What a list of Bad Ass Attitudes) - and many more really made this movie. Top Gun. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092099/ I can't tell yet if the sequel is going to be as good..., we'll have to wait. I imagine, however, the flight scenes, and sounds, will be awesome.
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    When I have 3½ hours to kill: and what a cast: Elizabeth Taylor ... Leslie Benedict Rock Hudson ... Jordan 'Bick' Benedict Jr. James Dean ... Jett Rink Carroll Baker ... Luz Benedict II Jane Withers ... Vashti Snythe Chill Wills ... Uncle Bawley Mercedes McCambridge ... Luz Benedict Dennis Hopper ... Jordan Benedict III Sal Mineo ... Angel Obregón II Rod Taylor ... Sir David Karfrey (as Rodney Taylor) Judith Evelyn ... Mrs. Nancy Lynnton Earl Holliman ... 'Bob' Dace Robert Nichols ... Mort 'Pinky' Snythe Paul Fix ... Dr. Horace Lynnton Alexander Scourby ... Old Polo Fran Bennett ... Judy Benedict Charles Watts ... Judge Oliver Whiteside Elsa Cárdenas ... Juana Guerra Benedict (as Elsa Cardenas) Carolyn Craig ... Lacey Lynnton Monte Hale ... Bale Clinch Sheb Wooley ... Gabe Target Mary Ann Edwards ... Adarene Clinch Victor Millan ... Angel Obregón Sr. Mickey Simpson ... Sarge Pilar Del Rey ... Mrs. Obregón Maurice Jara ... Dr. Guerra Noreen Nash ... Lona Lane Ray Whitley ... Watts Napoleon Whiting ... Jefferson Swazey
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    Some of the movies I keep watching back..I like the attitude..
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    Beastie Boys Intergalactic (LIVE)
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    heavy metal...... used to collect the magazine also. drew this in HS. I wonder where I got my influence from. can hardly draw a stick figure now.....LOL
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    The tremendous power and sonic performance of the M1.0t mkII opt002 is spiced up with Nelion Audio's new retrofit kits. Featuring the vertical high rail capacitor board, and new bias pivot and thump fix CCA's, the mkII feels and looks more professional than ever. Comes with 3 year parts and labor warranty. $750 Feel free to comment below or contact me via PM for questions. Thanks for looking!
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    What company posed this photo? Obviously the iron isn't hot, because OSHA has outlawed asbestos fingers. Which means the photo was posed using an actor to simulate doing something productive on a circuit board as a publicity deal--advertising, or a company newsletter. "Here, honey, put on the silly glasses, hold this, and look intently at that thingie on the table in front of you..."
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    I once grabbed the wrong end of a hot soldering iron... Really not something you want to do on any day . .
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    Sad to say we lost another good one. Blade Runner is still one of my favorite movies. Other great ones of his are Night Hawks and Lady Hawk. RIP..
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    Sad. I always really liked the little soliloquy he gives at the end of Blade Runner. I guess it was time to die...
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    RIP Rutger, "Blade Runner" one of the all time great classic sci fi films............
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    A great actor gone...sad
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    Sad news indeed......... R. I.P........
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    For me, Shazam will always bring back memories of my childhood, and the Filmation Production cartoon I used to watch called "Shazam."
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