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    While I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that says you should listen to an album start to finish (I’m a total browser when I listen), I do acknowledge that a select few albums stand alone, with every track being great. What albums do you enjoy every song on, hence the title - All killer, no filler! One of my favorites for this category is Fleetwood Mac - Rumors. I enjoy EVERY song on this album. When I was younger, I could not stand “Never Goin’ Back Again”, but now, with a greater appreciation of Lindsay’s guitar work, and much higher quality audio gear, it’s become one of my favorites. Also, the DVD Audio version has an extra track, “Silver Springs” that’s a true gem.
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    This is the first one that came to mind for me. My wife and I were newly married and this seemed to be the soundtrack for doing house projects before the kiddos decided to come into existence. (Then again we might have had some agency in that happening ?) -PhilDent P.S. I was tempted to say Steely Dan's AJA, but I don't particularly care for the track "I Got the News". It seems to me that it is one of those tracks that is more fun for the musicians to play than it is to listen to.
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    Supertramp~ "Crime Of The Century"
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    Ehhhh...So A2 decided to start the migration as soon as I approved the process... Sorry for the sudden travel plans, but at least it's getting done!
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    FYI, today I received an email from MoFi about their new MoFi Youtube channel. Mark
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    I'll continue this thread with Pink Floyd, The Division Bell
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    Check this out... https://hackaday.com/2019/10/25/a-visual-infrared-thermometer-that-runs-off-your-laptop/
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    Rick Braun "Crossroads" from the album Crossroads released August 2019
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    @Daddyjt, do we have to have the "no selfies" talk, again?
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