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    'I just recently moved to NJ and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for good hi-fi stores - preferably in the NY-NJ-CT area? I'd like to find a couple that have a good selection of speakers that I can go listen to. I'm not interested in the "audiophile" stores that aren't interested in your business unless you're buying $5000 cables. Also wanted to know if there are any members doing repairs/mods in my area? Thanks guys.
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    Hi all, my name is Peter New to the forum and to Carver audio equipment. First time posting on an audio forum. I found a used and abused TFM-35 (made in Japan) this summer. Did a partial recap (PS), some diodes and resisters replaced, new VU filament bulbs, new Alps Blue pot and aluminum knob. Working like a champ since, it's like a warm graceful accurate and charismatic giant. Cost me €165 all in so far. A few weeks after the TFM-35 was reborn, my brother saw a C-11 preamp for sale. Carver gear is super rare in Ireland - how lucky is that!?! It was eventually acquired, works fine. Sounds pretty amazing to my ears. cost €80 I plan partial BillD modifications for this preamp: Caps, some resistors, transformer, rectifier, pot cleaning/some new ones, remote control for volume. I came here for the modification details, hope to be able to contribute in some way... seems like a nice community here Gears for my ears: - Monitor Audio RX6, Wharfedale Opal 90, Van Damme Blue Cable, Dedicated silent PC with Hi Res Media fed dig-optically to... Cambridge Audio Azur 740c CDP/DAC, Sony PS-T33 with mods, Nagaoka mp11 boron, Sony ST-333L, Arcam A85 integrated with phono mm/mc card, Carver C-11, Carver TFM-35... Other bits: Sony HMK-808, Revox A77 r2r, Luxman L30... getting a full overhaul. I put a few photos here, not sure if that works ok. The box of components on the floor contains some nice new capacitors for both units. mmmm..... capacitors ..... Happy weekend everyone ☺️
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    I would do the same if I had ultrasonic, cleaning new records is important! I bought my spin clean the same day the Beatles vinyl came out in remastered boxed set, I cleaned just that set of albums, you would be surprised at what ended up in the wash bath!
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    If I recall, what I saw under the microscope, the Spin Clean did excellent. Now that is for new vinyl, which I clean before play and mildly dirty vinyl. I'd still tip to US for the nasty stuff. But that is only my opinion
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    I have a spin clean system and I like it. While I haven't listened to vinyl after cleaning (no device yet) I have cleaned some records with it.........grin
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    I have several threads on DIY US cleaners as well as some on different cleaning methods before and after under a microscope. Unable to locate those threads right now bc I am at work. Here is the video of mine in action. Works quite well IMO and with some DIY its pretty cheap to build. I know there are several other DIY versions on this BB
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    At Capital Audiofest there was a panel discussion on audio cleaners by most in the cleaning machine business! This video from RMAF 2019 is very similar to what was at CAF! Was very interesting, it’s a very long video!
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    Thats an excellent cabinet. I bought a pair for Sunfire HRS10 drivers. Very happy with the product. I was not too keen on the radiused face so I bought a piece of 2'x2' mdf at HD for $6 and cut new faces.
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    Well, I'm really struggling to get rid of these speakers. Its pretty difficult to sell something that is in storage. I don't want to pay storage fees anymore and its too expensive to ship them up north, so I think I will give them away rather than throw them away. if someone wants them let me know. They are in crates that measure 33" x 13" x 57" and the weight of both together is 388 lbs. They were working perfectly when put in storage, but I'm sure they will need some TLC after 8 years. If you can give them a home let me know. They are in Houston TX
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    In the same vein as some of the other electronics repair ones, rather than purely audio , I know that X-ray Tony B has been a favorite of a number of us, here. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=x+ray+tony+b+&app=desktop&persist_app=1 A big thank you to all, here, for some really great ideas that I'm going to have to check out. 😁
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    Ok, the final entrants are: packratt 67 Charlie 68 kingman 55 Dennis47 47 Dadvw 32 69Chevelle 28 maytag 86 Turbo 70 iamjohngalt 23 DrummerJoice 91 Maddmaster 60 PhilDent 46 4krow 99 PMAT 35 danowood 37 rockslipper 10 hewlew1 43 BrianT 71 oldtexasdog 75 fxbill 9 kve77 17 And the winner is: Charlie -- please step forward, and contact Daddyjt about how you would like your C1. Congratulations!
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    After about 1-1/2 years in storage, I've dug out my DIY ultrasonic cleaner and fired the cleaning beast back up. After 30 min cleaning in a distilled water, x-10 and 99% ipa mixture I use the record spin-clean as a rinse cycle with distilled water and just a touch of ipa. For those of you interested, there is a long thread on this when I brought it to life about 3 years ago. Included are microscope before and after.
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    Hi Folks, I just wanted to send out a very big Thank You to everyone for your patience with all my off-the-wall messages and commentaries over the past couple of weeks or so. I have no doubt I've caused more than a few of you to shake your heads and "not again!" I've spent most of the last couple of weeks being with my wife in the hospital, in ICU, and I've basically used C! as a way to try and keep what shreds of my sanity are left, herded mostly together. That's meant I haven't always thought through some of my rejoiners, comments, or responses, not to mention having been a veritable pest at the best of times (though I'm not sure that's any different than normal?). After a real roller-coaster, of one serious issue after another, over the past couple of weeks, Betty is now starting to come around, and start to be coherent, again. I'm hoping to see her moved back out of ICU, to a "normal" hospital a room, shortly. It's still going to be a while before she's likely to come home, but the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer accompanied by a train whistle. I'll try to exercise a bit of restraint, going forward, but Thank You, all, again for your patience and indugling me through all this - you have actually helped more than you can probably imagine.
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    Good for you, Paul! Now, where is that bottle of ipa? ?
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