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    I built this a while back and ive been happy with it's design and function. It's built out of 2x stock and plywood. It was a fun project to practice cutting bird's mouth, half lap, and bridle joints.
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    I haven't decided and fallen into analysis paralysis. I mostly use the bench for prepping my audio recording gear, so I should come up with a design that would facilitate that. If I were home, I'd send you a pic of the current state of my bench. It has also devolved into a pile of miscellaneous parts and cables. I am fortunate. When I remodeled the house, I made the garage as big as possible. IIRC I think the bench measures roughly 14' x 3'.
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    Yes. I made a post ago about spectral slits, and about how removing information in specific bands will go unnoticed, and may be preferable. The study you posted also makes use of spectral slits and accomodation. TL;DR all of a human's sensory networks are in a constant state of accomodation. (e.g. your eyes dilate and contract in response to available light). Given a choice, your senses would much rather NOT process anything (that means everything is groovy, there's no danger, you are safe), and they are always trying to do the least amount of work possible. That post I made included some information on masking; whereby some sounds can interrupt the intelligibility, or even the detection of other sounds (fighting for the same spectral slits). White noise (equal energy at all frequencies) is perfectly smooth, as compared to pink noise (equal energy at all octaves), so it induces a state of calm; your sense of hearing accomodates to this by shutting down (not all the way, but into one-eye-open mode; keeping watch for tigers in the wood, but not paying attention to anything specific. In that more relaxed state, brought on by the white noise exposure, your sense of hearing should be even better than when everything is silent
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    As of this evening, she's now out of ICE. She's still under the side effects of the heavy antibiotics, but hopefully she is on the mend, and there won't be any permanent damage. ☺️ Thanks again to all of you, for the support. 🙂
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    Hi Folks, I just wanted to send out a very big Thank You to everyone for your patience with all my off-the-wall messages and commentaries over the past couple of weeks or so. I have no doubt I've caused more than a few of you to shake your heads and "not again!" I've spent most of the last couple of weeks being with my wife in the hospital, in ICU, and I've basically used C! as a way to try and keep what shreds of my sanity are left, herded mostly together. That's meant I haven't always thought through some of my rejoiners, comments, or responses, not to mention having been a veritable pest at the best of times (though I'm not sure that's any different than normal?). After a real roller-coaster, of one serious issue after another, over the past couple of weeks, Betty is now starting to come around, and start to be coherent, again. I'm hoping to see her moved back out of ICU, to a "normal" hospital a room, shortly. It's still going to be a while before she's likely to come home, but the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer accompanied by a train whistle. I'll try to exercise a bit of restraint, going forward, but Thank You, all, again for your patience and indugling me through all this - you have actually helped more than you can probably imagine.
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    Here is my setup. A simple setup for refurbing my own gear. Gear is to the right that needs refurbed, can’t see in the pic. Yes @BarryG that is your TL3200 about to get a recap. It still works great, just refurbing due to age. Test equipment is in the cabinets along with books and soldering equipment, and spare parts......grin
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    Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins. https://www.freewarefiles.com/PaintNET_program_13607.html
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    If you are an advanced user who would like to configure almost all aspects of your media player, then PotPlayer is your answer. The versatile player is so flexible that you can not only use it to play many media file formats but also customize it to suit your individual taste. https://www.freewarefiles.com/PotPlayer_program_105835.html
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    Brian, very sorry to hear this but I’m also thankful that you’ve got her in the right place where she is getting very good care. Hang in there, modern medicine has come a long way and we’ll try to supplement it with our prayers.
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    Brian, They may as well come for a few of us as well...... Our audio systems may be the best working thing that we have in life sometimes. You can be sure that these hard times will be history. In the meantime, pray for the strength that you must have to bear it through.
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    Sorry to hear about your wife Brian. I am glad she is doing better and on her way to recovery. I don't take offense at what you say, I respect your words and opinions stated here. Thanks for sharing your life experience with us and my wife and I will be praying for you and your wife. BTW, my wife is a Canadian.....grin
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    Looks like no one here noticed. Do what you have to do. There's elasticity in relationship capital - and you have plenty here. Prayers with you and Betty.
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    Hell Brian, what’s Family for, if not to lean on in troubled times...?
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    Geez Brian, I thought you were always more than polite and quite thoughtful at that. Sorry to hear that your wife has been in ICU and you’ve been saddled with all the worries that accompany a situation like hers. Your strength is going to be a big help to her and we all are hopeful that she continues to show improvement. Life never has been fair but it’s how we meet the challenges thrown at us that makes all the difference. Your humility is inspirational and your attitude is refreshing. Keep your chin up and know that we’ll be praying for both you and your wife.
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    Just the sight of you, or the sound of your voice, and the touch of your hand is, I'm sure, some of the best medicine for Betty; I'm sure we'd all gladly trade a bit of discomfort (but I really hadn't noticed you being a PITA (and I know PITA)) if it means accelerating her recovery; many prayers!
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    Brian, We thought it was just you being you! Seriously, best wishes and prayers for you and Betty.
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    Brian, I'm glad to hear that Betty is improving. Prayers, mojo, chi, and good thoughts coming your way. No apology necessary!
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    Glad to hear that things are heading in the right direction!
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    This forum is a great place to escape from the personal challenges we face as adults. I wish your family positive outcomes and a healthy future! Itch
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    Quick update for any of you who had asked. Unfortunately, my wife's infection flared back up just before she was about to get out f ICU, so she's still there, and they are busy balancing heavy doses of antibiotics against the side effects they cause, so she is pretty much incoherent again. At least she is where they are actively monitoring her, so she's in good hands, and I'm back to not sleeping much, so here's fair warning about me babbling nonsense (more than normal, Dennis).
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    Thanks, again, everyone! Sounds like she will get out of ICU, today! I wasn't at all sure what half the threads were that I may have commented on of late (yes, I know I can check, but I was almost afraid to). Between being too tired and trying to copy&pate, etc. on my phone, I know I caught myself writing answers to one thread in another, a few times, so I really wasn't sure what I may have written at times, so I thought it best to explain, before someone sent the nice men in white coats, with a nice new coat, with extra long sleeves, for me.
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    Brian, You've always been polite and overly nice. I always assumed you were a Canadian or a Mormon. -PhilDent
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