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    My 2 channel system has been upgraded yet again by a pair of Silver 7t's I bought a couple of years ago and traded restoration of them by Dennis Miller. (He got a great CT-Seven out of the deal!) These things sound fantastic! Listening to Tool's Fear Inoculum right now. Dynamic range is amazing. Detail is to die for. One problem, where am I going to put the turntable, now? Guess I'll have to put the Oppo on a shelf. System is: iPad into Gramofon WiFi streamer, Oppo BDP-105D, TX-11b(recapped by me), 4000t (Bonzoro modded), Silver 7t's(Dennis Miller restored), Tekton Pendragon speakers. Power Wedge 116, StraightWire IC's and Monster Cable speaker wire round out the team.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and may you and yours have a wonderful day!!!
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    I have more to be thankful for than I deserve. I hope you all are equally blessed.
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    This Robert Cray album fits this thread:
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    nothing special but brings back very good memories one of my Sunday morning favorites.
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    These are the best two rock albums of 1980 in my view. Every track is a stunner and both from Canada. Rush - Permanent Waves Max Webster - Universal Juveniles
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    I've been considering selling all of them for years. I've had them for more than 15 years. I got them in a rental locker sale that was abandoned by a film producer who had just gone through a divorce and his ex failed to tell him when the rental was due. I got thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the locker and owned an eBay consignment store at the time. I purchased it all to sell from the store. I kept the video discs though. He had quite a collection of cartoon discs, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, many hard to find B grade horror movies and all of them had been played just once. ( I met the guy later as I began selling the stuff and he purchased all that was remaining to get it back and even though I had only paid a small amount for the locker and offered it back to him for what I paid he insisted that I take 10 times what I paid for it for me returning it to him). He was one of the main cartoonist on Roger Rabbit and had his own show called "Eek the Cat" or something like that. He told me to keep the discs....they had all just been played one time only and then stored away. In the past year I've sold 4 or 5 of them and received up to $80 per disc for some of them. Many are rare and hard to find...others are parts of pretty complete collections. I also have a black rubber rat signed by Ann Rice! My daughter also has a big box full of cartoon cells that he had collected and saved from his work. Anyway... I was going to sell them all for about $1-$2 per disc to anyone who wanted all of them and I think anyone getting them could easily sell them for 5-10 times that amount if sold individually. They'd make one heck of a collection. It also includes music video discs although I sold the Beatles Anthology and a few others. I never realized that the sound on a laser disc is analogue and needs no dac to sound great! I have the Isle of Wight festival from 1970 among some of them... The Doors and others as well. There are some of almost everything included, but most are ones that are slightly harder to find than you mostly see on fleabay. I had them shipped tome when I moved back here and media mail sends them for $29 a box that weighs 75 lbs. I have three or four full shipping boxes of them! I also have a disc player that has one large tray with a smaller tray built into the larger one....plays both laser discs and DVDs. Haven't used it in years, but aside from probably needing new belts at this point it was working great when I stored it away almost 10 years ago.
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    I received this as a gift from Tim ( @PhilDent ), and it has quickly made its way to the top of my play rotation. The sound quality is not only superb, but it is lively, active, visceral! The range of tracks keeps you guessing - there’s something different around every corner. One of, if not the best DTS mix I’ve experienced. highly recommended, and THANK YOU TIM!
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    @Sk1Bum Yes, I can see this R. Cray album fitting into this category.
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    If I could afford the Wilson's I'd need a bigger house, which I probably could also afford! Same bigger house required for anything bigger than the Pendragon's. I honestly made the deal to buy these without ever hearing any Tekton. It was a good gamble.
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    Beautiful setup!!! I still have those 400 new laserdiscs sitting here waiting for you!lol
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    I did not realize Tekton was local to me - they are about an hour south of me (with no traffic, lol). I’ve been to Wilson - they are up in the mountains, east of SLC, and RBH is not 5 miles from me (though I haven’t been there yet. We’re becoming quite the Mecca for great speaker companies:-) I will make it a point to get down to Tekton... thanks for the info!
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    Perhaps these MOABs should be next. 😉
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    Most people only know “Baker Street”, but this entire album is one of my favorites, and I can honestly say there’s not a song on it that I don’t enjoy.
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    Is this cheating? I love this album!
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    Don't you know, the TT must have it's own dedicated stand and dedicated room adjoining the audio system. I am glad that I caught this.
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    @kve777, you are a bad influence (in a very good way). I spent way too much of last evening on the Tekton website, thanks to your previous info on them. Clearly, the honeymoon hasn't worn off, and the love affair has continued. The Pendragon's seem just about the right maximum size (and likely sound), but out of curiosity, have you heard their bigger brother, the Double Impact? The reviews seem almost over the top with praise, but after hearing your comments, I'm thinking they may be valid. They would be a bit much for my room, but I'm sure something like the Pendragons might be a decent update to consider. I'm betting if you could afford Wilson's, you'd probably go check the top of the line Texton's and get those, instead then spend your savings on more Carver gear... 😉
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