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    Anyone living in the snow/rust belt tried Fluid Film? I have an 8 year old truck and the undercarriage is rusting to sh!t. I've never liked the idea of sealcoating, but this is different. Some good testimonials/videos on the Tube. I applied this today and the job went smoother than expected. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner? This is a weekend and foul weather vehicle for me ... 2011 with 48K miles. Will last me a long time if I can arrest the rust.
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    The title track from the new Tool album, Fear Inoculum is a great example of SH:
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    Here's a pair from Bonnie Raitt that belong on this list:
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    The black screen of death - as this problem is also affectionately known as - appears to be wide-spread issue especially after a major update to Windows 10, beginning with branch 1809, 1903, and now 1909. Users experiencing this issue see a black screen before login (with or without a mouse pointer active). http://www.infopackets.com/news/10664/how-fix-windows-10-black-screen-login
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    Fair enough. The driver began 'barking' and moderately high volumes. No surround or spider issues are apparent, in fact there's no recognizable defect other than performance.
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    Chances vary depending on what is actually wrong with it. I've replaced foam surrounds on speaker drivers (no big deal, a junior-high kid could do it.) I also re-centered a voice coil/pole piece/magnet assembly on a 6.5" Polk mid-woofer. A junior-high kid is probably not going to do that; but a reasonable adult with "mechanical aptitude" can. In short, the "fix" depends on the "problem"; and you haven't said what's wrong with yours. It would "probably" be "worth it" if you value original drivers more than repops.
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    That's exactly my thought, I just lacked a resource and wondered about the general cost.
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    Chances are good at repairing it at a place like simply speakers. Why not have it ready the next time you have an issue?
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    Finally got my replacement honeycomb woofer installed and everything is back to normal. It came shipped with form-fitting styrofoam in the perfectly sized box which is where the suspect woofer now resides. What are the chances of a service repairing this driver? Would it be worth it? I hate to just throw it out because it looks perfect.
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    My 2 channel system has been upgraded yet again by a pair of Silver 7t's I bought a couple of years ago and traded restoration of them by Dennis Miller. (He got a great CT-Seven out of the deal!) These things sound fantastic! Listening to Tool's Fear Inoculum right now. Dynamic range is amazing. Detail is to die for. One problem, where am I going to put the turntable, now? Guess I'll have to put the Oppo on a shelf. System is: iPad into Gramofon WiFi streamer, Oppo BDP-105D, TX-11b(recapped by me), 4000t (Bonzoro modded), Silver 7t's(Dennis Miller restored), Tekton Pendragon speakers. Power Wedge 116, StraightWire IC's and Monster Cable speaker wire round out the team.
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    Backbone Slip "Johnny Lee's Mood" from the album Swampwater
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    The Gundry mod makes a vast difference in SH. WOW! That is the most dramatic effect of SH that I've heard yet. The soundstage expanded beyond the walls. As you, I rarely listen with SH engaged, and I found the effect marginal without the Gundry mod, but on a few recordings with the Gundry mod... Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices... Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue Santana - Caravanserai, Abraxas There was another that escapes me now that was very enjoyable. I'll have to listen to some smooth jazz, country, and classical with SH engaged.
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