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    So, some of us have posted pictures of our workbenches as a source of pride for their craftsmanship and efficacy to accomplishing projects. I challenge everyone here. Post a picture of your work bench, right now, in its current state. I will start with mine, since I'm sickened by how the clutter has metastasized.
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    Line 391 seems to be the catch all, although one would think they would make it clearer (as in many other statutes). In that, the lane or space to take your vehicle through, is clear. Think of the case where a vehicle makes a left turn in front of you at a light, and they have the green light, then yellow, before your lane can proceed straight. In every case, hitting the car turning left in front of you that has not "cleared the intersection" is your fault. They may be cited for running a red light, but it's your fault if you proceed when your forward motion will clearly cause an accident. Seems to me, that if the motorcycle can't "fit through" it should be "their fault, and that should be line "392" in such statutes. But, they didn't ask me... LoL. A good billboard lawyer could fight that case, probably..., on either side! I don't ride anymore, so I have no leg to stand an opinion on. But if I did, I would not proceed if the width of the between-lane space was questionably too narrow.
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    Remodeling my kitchen at the moment..., necessary tools have taken occupation of the kitchen table, as a make-shift workbench.
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    Another M500t upgrade... This amp got back from @Daddyjt's Spa on Monday. Thank you Mark, another one out of the park... Now I just need a nice TX-11B to complete the Black Beauty. Well, maybe some ebony veneer for the PL-530 too. "It's not a disease. It's a hobby!" "It's not a disease. It's a hobby!" "It's not a disease. It's a hobby!"
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    Mark, As you know, I live in the People's Rebuplik of Kalifornia, and lane splitting here has always been allowed as long as I can remember. I spend a lot of time in LA traffic and I make an effort to give the lane splitting motorcyclists extra room. This is not to say that the douche nozzle who sheared your mirror off should not have stopped and paid for it. As a hobby I like to ride a road bike with friends. One time we split the lanes at an intersection and a buddy of mine hit and busted the mirror of a car. We stopped and he exchanged insurance information and he paid for her mirror to be replaced. This is how your situation should have resolved.
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    That’s a good looking stack Dick! How does it sound? (Inquiring minds want to know!)
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    Yes, Mark did the mkII upgrade, cool white LEDs, and an IEC cord. That TX-11b was mentioned in the Found Deals thread. It's a bit more scratched than what I want, and a bit more overpriced. That tuner has been relisted at least 10 times with no price reduction. On a related note, I finally got the correct allthread to rebuild my stereo rack. I had hoped to do it over Thanksgiving, but 3 of the pieces of allthread were the wrong thread. I want to redo the rack so that I make room for the Greg/Bruce/Dennis project tube buffer. I should have time over the Christmas holiday.
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    @Sk1Bum Nice system..love the black face preamp! Let us know how you like the M-500T...did Mark upgrade with MKII? https://www.ebay.com/itm/No-Reserve-Carver-TX-11b-Tuner-Rare/124002824545?hash=item1cdf24f161:g:NtgAAOSwEp5cTOGL
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    Amen brother! Nice looking amp...........and system.........grin
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    I called a cousin who is a State Trooper and asked him about it. He explained that it’s to protect motorcycle riders, as they are “sitting ducks” when stopped behind a car at a red light, especially with the explosion of distracted driving accidents. I can understand that reasoning, but I still think it’s a bad idea. As for crowding the white line, he said that is not a “thing” - drivers are under no obligation to be any distance from the white line(s), so long as they are between them. I honestly don’t remember how close I was to the white line, but I do remember that a semi was next to me. I initially thought the semi had blown a tire, as that’s what it sounded like. I’m sure the motorcycle rider was crowding towards me, to distance himself from the semi... I think he should have at least stopped, but oh well.
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    The system is looking great!
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    The only different component may be the main filter caps. I ran out of the UC caps that we now use, and used a pair of the Panasonic ones that I have on hand. I only stopped using the Panasonics because it’s a chore to bend the legs of one to fit the space - they are the same spec however (10kuf, 100v) so I don’t see how they could make a difference....🤔
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    The continuously outward flow is the solar 'wind' (a stream of highly charged particles, mostly electrons. any ejecta that is bound to the sun's disk, in a loop, is caught in a magnetic flux line, and is called a prominence.
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    @Sk1Bum You might consider this: I have found that using an AD black Art Marker to touch up imperfections on black anodized Carver components and then using a kneaded eraser to remove the gloss left from the marker leaves an almost perfect repair. Be sure to use a black marker (not extra black or supper black as they will not match as well). I also notice the TX-11b on eBay is open to offers; you could make a low offer bringing to the seller's attention the numerous imperfections.
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    Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analyzing the contents of music audio files. https://www.freewarefiles.com/Sonic-Visualiser_program_26413.html
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    Say, doing my part... Each year, Wikipedia, needs to meet their budget. I donate. While people debate about truth on the internet, My experience as a past Wikipedia article writer, is that the mechanism set up to curate information is exceptional. What I wrote was re-written - AND made better - by the volunteers, academics, and other folks that do this work. Wikipedia is asking for donations of $2.75..., just that, to stay afloat. I gave more. If you've found value there, help them out. If not, ignore this as more "worthless information." I think it's good to support curated research. Articles are great to read. And the bibliography of sources at the end give it the kind of credibility and basis in REAL fact while pointing to other places to get more information beyond the article on Wikipedia. Peace.
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    Wow dude! Good eye. That is a 1st place trophy from Little League baseball in 1980 (and I assume that they didn't give everyone 1st place trophies back then.) 😊
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    In my defense, you said right now... I just finished up Mike’s C11, and haven’t cleaned up yet, lol. I tend not to clean up until after a piece of gear, then I put everything away, and start the next piece. Messy? Yea, sure. Work for me? Yup....😉 BTW, I like the trophy buried in the background of yours... baseball or softball?
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    Free antivirus that protects up to 10 computers from malware/viruses, malicious software, and inappropriate websites. https://www.freewarefiles.com/Sophos-Home_program_106782.html
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    The Ride Apart article linked by @RichP714 had a link to the Utah law https://le.utah.gov/~2019/bills/static/HB0149.html which highlighted the changes ... 159 (29) "Lane filtering" means, when operating a motorcycle other than an autocycle, the 160 act of overtaking and passing another vehicle that is stopped in the same direction of travel in 161 the same lane. ... and ... 383 (5) An individual may engage in lane filtering only when the following conditions 384 exist: 385 (a) the individual is operating a motorcycle; 386 (b) the individual is on a roadway divided into two or more adjacent traffic lanes in the 387 same direction of travel; 388 (c) the individual is on a roadway with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or less; 389 (d) the vehicle being overtaken in the same lane is stopped; 390 (e) the motorcycle is traveling at a speed of 15 miles per hour or less; and 391 (f) the movement may be made safely. Given that the movement was not made safely, I would have thought the motorcyclist was in violation of that section of the law.
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    The photons of light hitting you from the Sun right now were formed in the interior of the Sun about 100,000 years ago. They bounced around inside the Sun, losing energy the whole time, and finally escaped about 8 minutes ago, landing on your forehead (animated (press play at lower left)(right click>loop too)) khvndcc10x241.mp4
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    Okay I think I found all the bugs. If you see a category out of place, please let me know!
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    The Martin Logans were just a bit bright, and the treatment seems to tame them a bit. I've tried several things, flags, Harley throws, and the foam seems to work the best.
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    Or oral sex, mainly oral sex. That's mainly, with an "i".
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    I've made a few changes to my stereo...
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    New toys, well to me. I found these Infinity RS-IIIa's listed on the local craigslist. New (generic, ugh) surrounds on the woofers, only one small nick that I can find on the cabinets, and sequential serial numbers. He was asking $340, accepted $300. I was a bit concerned, because they didn't sound great hooked up to s 50w Realistic receiver. All of my concerns were allayed by a stock C-1/M500t driving them. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.
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    HT photos, pretty please!
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    Would you send them back re-foamed with the proper Infinity surrounds? =)
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    To really have these speakers tested you should send them to me for a minimum of maybe 2 years. I could give a pretty detailed impression by then,
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