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    Great Karmas Charlie! Thanks for your generosity.
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    pretty sure they are silver 7 tube transformers both power and output since there was a schematic tubes and parts, I think someone was going to try and make their own. the transformers were in sealed boxes addressed to bob, how could anyone resist bob carver boxes of mystery ? I will dig them out and post some pics
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    A collaboration between deap vally and the flaming lips,,,Deap Lips - Home Thru Hell
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    It is with a very heavy heart that I pass along this update on our friend Kingman. I know that many of you have been concerned and have been praying for Wayne as he has been battling lung cancer. Wayne spent about a week in the hospital before Christmas with pneumonia. He was able to go home shortly before and spent the holiday with family. About a week ago he returned to the hospital and has declined very rapidly. There will be no more treatment. He will most likely spend his last days in a hospice facility. He is past the point of talking on the phone or texting. Tammy, Randi and his sister are splitting time sitting with him. He has moments where he is alert so I will ask Randi to keep an eye on this thread and pass along messages to him if she thinks he is alert enough to understand. I am heart broken to be at the point of sharing this news. Wayne was my first friend on either Carver site and he and Tammy have become family to Randi and me. I know that many of you feel the same way. Please join me in praying that his last days are as peaceful and pain free as possible. Ed
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    I am looking for a replacement without buying a new one if someone has a good used one for sale. It was original in my house when I purchased it 3 years ago, but it’s on its last leg. If you have an an existing 3-zone receiver that you use recommend it to me. I don’t have to have an Integra, just a 3-zone receiver......grin
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    We're in the 40s today (Chicago-land). 30's yesterday, 20s the day before, 50's the day before that... Chicago-land suburbia
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    Damn dude! That's cold. I skied in Banff one year at -25 and that temperature is absolutely inhumane.
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    Thanks Charlie for the great offering and Kevin for the win!! Love this place!!
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    Congratulations Kevin! Thanks Charlie for another great Karma.
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    WOW! Very Unexpected! Thank you, Charlie! I think I'll build a Phono system with it at the heart.
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    If you notice some lag when you play your favorite games on your PC, then Smart Game Booster will help you to speed up your computer for a smoother experience. https://www.freewarefiles.com/Smart-Game-Booster-_program_110050.html
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    I have a stock C-1 for sale. Excellent condition. Asking $210 plus shipping.
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    Gerald Albright '4 on the Floor' from the album 30 released May 2018
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    Josh Vietti 'Magic City' from the same titled-album released May 2018
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    Smile Empty Soul Wrecking Ball
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    Basia 'Butterflies' from the same-titled album released May 2018
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    Vincent Ingala 'Personal Touch' '
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    Michael Paulo 'Beautiful Day' from the same-titled album
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    For something a bit different, try Rads Krusaders - Going Way Back Home released April 2018
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    Eric Gales, The Bookends was released on Feb 8, 2019. "There are certain albums, as well as the artists who create them, that are so outstanding musically, you can’t help but jump up and down when you hear them. The Bookends by Eric Gales, out February 8, via Provogue/Mascot Label Group and produced by Matt Wallace, is one such album." You can read the rest of the review here.
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    Bill Frisell, Harmony, released Oct 4, 2019. "Getting your hands on a new Bill Frisell CD is a bit like unboxing a gift from a good friend with great taste. So what do we have here? Something intriguing, as it turns out, yet again..." You can read the full review here.
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    Weezer The End Of The Game (2019)
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    I spent a bit of time with Wayne at CF2019 in Ed's cabin. I will always have that picture of calm and serenity to remember him by. Prayers for Tammy and Wayne.
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    Welcome! The manuals section of the site is under construction - but someone here might have that service manual you seek. Other techs will come along... If nothing else, good to have you join. We love pictures of gear..., show off your setup. Curious, how did you come across silver 7t transformers? That's odd - are you selling? Someone might want those. Welcome to our little piece of paradise!
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