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    I picked up a Kirmuss ultrasonic record cleaning/reconditioning machine a few months back. I have been using the VPI vacuum for years. The Kirmuss process is significantly better. I was shocked at how much crap was on my records. Some of the worst records I had were cleaned multiple time by the VPI machine. Results: Some records I don't hear any difference but at least half it makes a big difference and for some its profound. Very happy with this process. The process is a bit slow and has multiple steps but it's worth it. Plus for ultrasonic machines, its reasonably priced.
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    After over a year of shipping amps to Greg (https://nelionaudio.com/) to be restored, this is what I have so far. All amps are either black or have had after-market black faceplates installed. The crown of the setup is the 2 x M1.0t MKII OPT002 amps. Next project is determining how I want to wire everything since I'm going to Bi-Amp all the speakers and it's going to be a nightmare. More pics are in the Featured Systems... Edit: If the pics are bit fuzzy, I just discoverd I have the focus assist set wrong...
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    I met Dr. Kirmuss at the Capital Audiofest. I watched his demo, it seems to work well, he is emphatic that it’s not record cleaning, more a record restoration. There was a record cleaning talk with almost all the big names in record cleaning. similar panel discussion.
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    It’s been just over a year since China’s Chang’e 4 landed on the dark side of the moon. Since then, it identified what appear to be mantle rocks on the surface, grew a few plants (a first on the moon), and took a number of amazing photos. https://www.zmescience.com/other/great-pics/china-change-lunar-mission-24012020/
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    Billy Idol Rebel Yell (LIVE)
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    Last night I watched the latest Criminal Minds Episode titled Saturday and heard this song. I liked it so much that I added it to my iTunes library! It's by the group, Far Lands, and the song is Hearts Like A Knife.
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    Well ... anyone else anyway? <G> Having some fun with the system here. My old quad died, so dug the C4000 out of storage and hooked that up. Took some getting used to, but really liking what I'm hearing. Except I was able to run several rooms around the house with the Sansui, something lacking in the new setup. So ... did some more digging and came up with a Sansui QR500 - that's a "quad adapter" that adds the back channels (with amps!) to any stereo. Plan was to just use that in stereo mode to drive a couple of those "missing" rooms, but ... Give me some more buttons to play with and see if I can resist. Right? ;-} One of the rooms I'm driving with the QR500 joins the stereo room with an open arch, and the mid wall speakers there are audible from the great comfy chair. So, of course, the volume kept going up, and those channels are now providing quad ambiance to the main system too. Mix in the delay channels on the C4000 and things get right interesting. Walls disappear, reality as well, and I really REALLY like what I'm hearing here. Evolution of a system folks ... the C4000 sat collecting dust for decades, and now it's gonna be REAL hard to put away again.
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    That was a very nice Gesture of sending the flowers to the Service, The Lost of such a Great and positive friend really hit me hard. I met him at the 2018 Carverfest and when I went into his Bungalow and saw his Sunfire Classic tube pre amp and system, I Said “ That’s what I want, That preamp and system looks and sound incredible”. When I first reached out the Sunfire line and pre amp, he was always so positive and mostly patience with me and all my questions, then as time went on we talked regularly. When he told me about when he found out about his Lung Cancer, I was very concerned but told him My mother had lung cancer and beat it. I said it wouldn’t be easy, But with his such positive attitude, and how he sounded when we spoke, I Was certain he would beat it also. Though I knew how sick he was, I was blindsided due to fact when we talked last he sounded really good.At time I could hear it in his voice and would “ you sound tired” and it was usually just after kemp treatment, other than those times he usually sounded good. It scared the hell out me when he went with pneumonia, then I heard he was released and it was so good to hear he was out of the hospital. What hit me really hard was that when he wanted to talk he would text” Do you have a few minutes” and I would alway call him right back. But the last time, he reached out to me asking if I had a few moments and I was playing golf with my sound, and I responded with that and I’ll touch base as soon as I’m off the course, But I was never able to get him on the phone after that text, and hit me hard. I miss his conversations and him so very much, we spoke of everything and he was always curious what my latest Sunfire purchased was, as he told me, it always made him smile. I believe it was of how crazy I would get with me tracking down the Sunfire’s amps. I do a lot driving going to my job sites which takes about an hour, so it became a habit when I got into car that I would reach out and see how he was and we talk the whole way when he was feeling good. My father passed away from Lung Cancer, So I would call him during my driving time also. It still hits me Dailey when I jump into the Car and I see his name on my favorites list, I find it hard right now to take his name off the phone. I still like to think of him now when I see his name. truly miss and will miss his positive influence and guidance for me when I always reach out for his advice and thoughts on whatever craziness was going on in my life . He would always calm me down and guide me in the right direction. As with all of the people whom knew Wayne, I will truly miss him. David
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    Brian Bromberg 'Thicker Than Water' from the same-titled album released July 2018
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    Microsoft’s note-taking tool is now free for all... https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/32136-microsoft_onenote
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    Remember the SARS outbreak? The world was on the brink of a massive deadly plague. There were quarantines, cancelled flights, panic, governments damanding policy changes, etc. Total and complete hysteria fueled by the media. I just want to remind you something and let the facts speak for themselves: SARS deaths - 774 flu season deaths from 2019 - 6,600 The coronavirus hysteria is just that - totally unmitigated panic by the media. Indeed it is dangerous, but no more dangerous than any other virus. Coronaviruses are common throughout the entire world. Also, SARS was a coronavirus... Stay hydrated, eat fresh foods, get good sleep, don't stress out (stress dramatically hurts your immune system), and stay away from junk food.
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    ...And I'm still not done! We are very grateful of your support Charlie. Thank you sooo much! The system looks amazing.
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    ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will... https://www.freewarefiles.com/ICQ_program_391.html
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    Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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    Don Henley Dirty Laundry
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    Led Zeppelin Ramble On (Remastered)
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    All our times have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't fear the coronavirus Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain, we can be like they are Come on baby, don't fear the coronavirus Baby take my hand, don't fear the coronavirus We'll be able to fly, don't fear the coronavirus Baby I'm your man La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la Valentine is done Here but now they're gone Romeo and Juliet Are together in eternity, Romeo and Juliet 40, 000 men and women everyday, Like Romeo and Juliet 40, 000 men and women everyday, Redefine happiness Another 40, 000 coming everyday, We can be like they are Come on baby, don't fear the coronavirus Baby take my hand, don't fear the coronavirus We'll be able to fly, don't fear the coronavirus Baby I'm your man La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la Love of two is one Here but now they're gone Came the last night of sadness And it was clear she couldn't go on Then the door was open and the wind appeared The candles blew then disappeared The curtains flew then he appeared, saying don't be afraid Come on baby, and she had no fear And she ran to him, then they started to fly They looked backward and said goodbye, she had become like they are She had taken his hand, she had become like they are Come on baby, don't fear the coronavirus
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    are you trying to recreate the sound of a scissor snip? Lol
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    Google Shortcuts for Firefox gives you the option to create a menu that stores all your Google service shortcuts (up to 500+) allowing fast access to those that are used frequently. Also available for Chrome... https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/google_shortcuts_for_firefox.html
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    Love the "Black Stacks!"
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    Looking for the displacement to calculate work (product of force and distance), can be a bit tough; remember your physics prof asking where the work is if you hold a heavy book in your hand at waist level for 10 minutes? After all, the book isn't moving, but it sure does get harder to hold, so there MUST be work, eh? IN your post above, the work is being done by pumping electrons through wire (in the old days, you could experience this for yourself by cranking your telephone to generate enough electricity to get a dial tone (you could feel the effort required to do the work, as compared to cranking the phone when it isn't in circuit). In this case, though, I was talking about power (work being the product of Force applied over a distance, and Power being the rate of work done over time). I guess I'm wondering aloud why people can know something, yet disregard it. e.g. Human perception of Power is a logarithmic experience, it takes twice the power to feel just a 'tish' of difference (3dB), yet some claim that they can 'feel' a very small power increase from (for example) adding a cold air intake to their vehicle.
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    If that were true we would not have been listening to NHT2.5i speakers in an untreated room. Thank you for initiating operation OPPO with the Mrs.
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    Now that looks like a comfy man space to me! Everything a mad scientist needs.
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    I knew it would come to this eventually - testimonies about doctors saving people and that not all of them are bad. Of course not ALL doctors are BAD. Medical Doctors and drugs have their place. But I if were to get into every detail about the situation I'd have to write a few books. Medical Doctors are the best at trauma. Broken bones, out of control infections, deadly allergies, etc. They are well trained and have dedicated specialists for emergencies. The gist of my posts were not about emergencies. I was communicating about wellness and how it differs from treating symptoms with dangerous drugs. We should always treat doctors with a healthy amount of suspicion and skepticism - they are not gods. Not even close. Many things they do are dangerous and risky. In contract, herbalist techniques are not dangerous. They do not harm, short or long term. Doctors harm and always have. It's well documented. They've even made the original hippocratic oath (first, do no harm) 'optional' because it's well known their model does not conform to it. Doctors are no longer personally bound to a universal ethic. Just like anything in this life, we must be diligent with how we use things. Entertainment, Money, Food, Sex - all these things and others are good and bad. Improperly used, any of them are deadly or destructive to our character. So goes with the medical establishment. It is absolutely polluted with lies, massive social engineering schemes, money and power. My point is, any of us has the power and ability to learn about the body and how to care for it to the point that you do not need medical doctors for 99% of the things you've been trained to believe you need them for. I'm not going to get personal about this, so I'll just say that there are many techniques to defeat, and more importantly, prevent severe illness. If anyone is tempted to believe that only a doctor and drugs can aid recovery from something like pneumonia is wrong. The reason people go to doctors when they are sick is because they don't know any better. Our society does not welcome the idea of 'alternative medicine' and certainly does not accept 'home remedies' are superior to 'medical science'. However, there are many reasons pro and con about 'alternatives' - there's good reason to be suspicious of them, especially if they are trendy. More about that later. But just because natural healing is virtually unknown these days doesn't change the facts about the body and one's personal responsibility to it. Before allopathic doctors, the human race used shamanism and herbalists. Herbalists have 10,000 years of experience to refer to for tried and true techniques and also failures. To say that humans did not have access to wellness and remedies before doctors is wrong. A good example is when the Europeans arrived in the 'New World' and found that the natives here in America were extremely healthy and strong, had all their teeth, and could survive through tremendous difficulties such as sparse food and bad weather. Doctors have their place. Life is rife with unusual situations and circumstance we can't control or understand. They are a resource, but one to be properly understood and used appropriately. I would caution dependency even on 'alternative medicine' or 'wholistic healing' trends, especially if it has shamanic (religious/spiritual) overtones. Always study about natural healing on your own. You can understand how your body works and how it communicates, and you can then learn techniques to aid it. There are no secrets - the information is out there, especially in medical studies. Doctors are very conservative about their business model and DO NOT always change according to the real science. For instance, my understanding of the immune system is why I reject vaccines - not because I'm some weird activist out to get TV time. Vaccines do not imitate how the immune system defeats a virus, so their actual effectiveness is a lie. There are many studies that show vaccines do not have a compelling track record. People recover from and resist sickness in many, many ways. So the statistics actually imitate the overall health of a populace (a certain percentage always die, some get sick and some don't get sick), nothing close to what we'd expect from the urgency we are engineered to accept - in that if we are not vaccinated we might DIE! You'll die when you're ready. It's okay. Only one of my 4 kids was vaccinated - and he is actually the sickliest of all of them. My 3 non-vaccinated children went though school and got all the strange diseases like measles and pox but the infections were hardly noticeable. They recovered easily without any special aid or treatment. The fact is, only your body is capable of regenerating damaged tissue, cleaning itself, killing off infections (including cancer) and growing (getting stronger). Virtually ALL medical doctor techniques involve one or more of the following: - Placebo (this is a HUGE one. For example, many people in studies have reported they 'feel better' just because they saw a doctor). - Natural Healing techniques older than their philosophy but masked as 'high tech' (hydration, hot & cold therapy, stimulants, rest (ie relaxation drugs), etc) - Numbness (drugs that treat the symptom to block the body from communicating, such as pain relievers and beta blockers). - Chemical manipulation/control (drugs that attempt to take over a natural body function...absolutely the most dangerous and deadly practice, by their own admission.) Note that none of the above involves healing. Only your body heals itself. When you survive a cold, your body defeated the infection. A cold virus will kill you if you're not healthy enough to defeat it. Plain and simple.
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    Jeff Ryan 'Embrace' from the same-titled album released June 2018
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    The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil
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    Catch as catch can I always say. My workbench tops also started out as salvage. (And I can live with the pink formica as long as I keep it well covered ... ) <G> PS - I couldn't get down there for a couple years after a major bike accident, and it's still a bit of a struggle handling the steps into the basement, but once down there and planted in the seat, it actually works quite well. One advantage of the small space is most all the important stuff is well within reach without having to get up. Planning for the future? Nahhh ... pure dumb luck it got built the way it did way back when.
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    I sent the family flowers that will be delivered to his service. I signed the card from me and the Carversite.
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    January 9, 2019: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member and world-renowned Nashville-based keyboardist Reese Wynans announces his first-ever solo album Sweet Release, a collection of songs honoring a paramount selection of blues-rock legends. The long anticipated album comes following a career that’s spanned over 50 years and literally hundreds of historical collaborations. Sweet Release also serves as Joe Bonamassa’s inaugural credit as a producer. Bonamassa has long been a fan of Wynans’ work, urging him to create a solo album and championing the project as producer.
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    Stretching "new release" to "release much lesser known", hopefully "new" to enjoy. Perhaps you are, like my wife, a fan of the drummer Peter Edward Baker.?
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    Russell Morris, Black And Blue Heart, released April 5, 2019
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    Spyro Gyra - Vinyl Tap, their first new music in 6 years, released today, October 11, 2019
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    Patricia Barber "Too Rich For My Blood" from the Cafe' Blue LP
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    An outage of Apple's online services has led to issues with the App Store for some customers, with reports of users unable to manage subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ from their iPhone or iPad, an issue Apple is examining... https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/01/24/apple-outage-causing-issues-with-app-store-purchases-subscription-access
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    Didn't THE KNACK have a song called "My Corona-virus"?
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    Sure got me beat! (wasn't easy... 😉 ) nice Setup.
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    Dammit Lee. you beat me to it. The other way to go with that is "Do you put a lime in your Coronavirus?" or "Do you catch coronavirus from watching a solar eclipse?
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    Almost looked like the amps on the Rush concert I watched this morning.......grin
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    Extra speakers? I wonder about the electric supply there gonna take!
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    So.... you use one amp and have 15 spares just in case???
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    No doubt the Brown note
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    Wow Charlie! That is a nice stack of amps! If you need extra speakers for them, I think there is a guy here on the forum that could help you out.......grin
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    I heard that Charlie has been banned from playing pipe organ music on his system. When the low notes hit, the whole state of Florida browns out.
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    What?!?! All the room taken up with amps?!?!?!
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    Music only, James...I use a soundbar and sub for HT because of space limitations...
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